Saturday, February 07, 2009

Amsterdam & Kiev

Dear Diary,

So many things happened for the past 3 days, yet so many other things to come over this weekend. I can't wait!
Will tell more on that on my next entry ;)

Anyway, my b-i-l was recently returned from a business trip to Europe. Amsterdam and Kiev. That was not really his first time there. On his previous trip to the 2 cities, he gave me a T.

But I kind of fond not to have another 'red' T this time, so I asked him for postcards, instead.

And he purchased these for me:

Whole coffee beans weighing .25 kg,

a box of 20 sachets Strawberry tea and....

TA~DUHH~~~!! See Buy Fly (ala² Eraman di Malaysia la kot...)

there are few coins in it...


postcards...!!! is very easy to please me, kan?


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