Saturday, February 07, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Pt. 1

Dear Diary,

Not so long ago, my fellow colleagues and I paid a visit to KL Bird Park. It was my first time visit there, for some of the colleagues, it was their God-knows-how-many times that was.

The Bird Park is located in the vicinity of Lake Garden.

I like the Lake Garden area.....I mean the location, the lush gardens, the old trees along the street etc. Just perfect for a jog in the evening.

Back to the Bird Park. The ticket was RM 15. Mahal kan? It was actually very funny, that we went there during office hours. Thank God boss tak tau. Hah!

Well, how do I describe the park. It is a bird park, so....hmm.....please expect birdies here and there la kan ;) be continued


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