Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2009 Chinese New Year Malls Deco

Dear diary,

I am tapping this from a cyber cafe close to my new habitat, which is not far from KL downtown. It has been a very hectic and tiring day today. First, I was in Borneo, then flew to north of Malaysia for work. Fun job that I have, neh?

Anyway, below are some of the snapshots that I managed to take during the Chinese New Year earlier this year. I myself did not go out much, during the 2-days off, so tak banyaklah gambar yang diambik...;p

The Curve

Where else? Pavilion la...

Suria KLCC

And last but certainly not least, the photo taken at KL's very own Chinatown.

Ta! I am off to bed now ;)


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