Sunday, August 30, 2009

Namaste India


MH190 bound for Delhi (Aug 31, 2009; departure 1820) sudah memanggil².

Welcome to reality, Zachba.

ps: Happy 52nd National Day to all Malaysians.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Reward For Myself

Dear Diary,

Weekend is here now. So, what are the plans? Going out for a party? Cooking for colleagues/family for break fast (it's Ramadhan now) or just simply lazing at home?

Well, I got no plans but to go to work. I'll be flying off to Borneo once again tomorrow before going to the ever colorful India on Monday.
Weeeeeeee........ People say I'm insane, but I know myself better--what I like, and what I don't like. Just like you.

I am now busy gathering knowledge and info for some stuffs.

I mean, in this year alone, I graduated twice. First, from the Flying Academy and landed on a job that I really love, and second from the university. Was I fortunate? Yeah, very much so.

And I have not reward a thing for myself for the 2 events. I do believe after the hard work done, I must do something to pamper myself.

I have 3 options. And below are what nesting in my head now.

1. MacBook, 160Gb, 2.13MHz

Budget: MYR 3699
Days of Hunger: 6 weeks (bukan berdasarkan gaji but average spending per month)
Note: Apple Media Event is scheduled for September 9th. It will introduce the new updated version of all Apple items during the event so I rather wait and see the new offerings. Plus I dislike the white MacBook. They ceased the production of the black MacBook :(

2. A DSLR Camera

Budget: MYR 3k-4k
Days of Hunger: 5-6 weeks
depending on the camera (bukan berdasarkan gaji but average spending per month)
Note: My heart strongly says I go for Nikon. Model of camera to be confirmed. This is a great investment so I must not regret for the choice I make later on. Hardcore research needed.

3. A Beach Holiday for 4D/3N

Budget: MYR 1k ONLY
Days of Hunger: 3 weeks (bukan berdasarkan gaji but average spending per month)
Note: I looooong for a beach gateaway. Not at Port Dickson neither at Pantai Morib (remember, I am not a married man with 3 kids, and a fattie wifey). It must be a good mixture of nice beach, vibrating night life, good food and good shopping (and great people too). My off days request for this plan have been approved tho :)

It is hard to make a decision heh. Nak reward diri sendiri pon susah! How I wish I can afford these 3 without any hunger.

Dump me your comments.

U know u love me, xoxo

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Curry Kueen

Dear Diary,

I'm back!

I have just returned home from a trip to Singapore this afternoon. I enjoyed the trip very much.

And how was your weekend? Mine was a loooong one. I did not do much over the weekend but some shopping here and there. I love shopping (and now I'm broke. Haha) :)

Anyway, I will be flying off to somewhere this August 31. I have been dreaming to visit this place for ages, and soon I will be there, for the first time. And the place is....








Tempat kencing.....Jemput kencing bersama :)


O yeah, I am very much loooking forward for the trip despite the shitty stories I heard from the senior crew before.

I don't expect much from this city, but I guess this is a typical scene in Delhi?

Biar betik orang tolak lori? Perempuan pakai sari pulak tu!

Well, I don't know. Can only tell more once I am there. I won't be there long, but I hope to do some sightseeing, if possible.

Anyone reading this from Delhi or been to Delhi before? I am curious to know your experience.

U know u love me, xoxo

(And credit to my colleague, Terence for all 3 photos above. He visited the city recently

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Short ones.

Today is the second day of Ramadhan. Everything is good so far. Was in Manila yesterday, and now I'm off for few days. So, I'll see you when I'm back, OK?

U know u love me, xoxo

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The 10th Multimedia University Convocation Day 2009 Pt. 2

Dear Readers,

How is everyone doing? How is your Thursday goin on so far?

Mine is not so bad. Spent the whole noon at home doing some revisions and chatted to few friends online.
It is raining outside now, and I do enjoy looking at the rain falling down from the sky. I love rainy days.....

Anyway, this is the other part of my Convo Day report. Oh, did I tell you that I have a few more stories to tell? LOL

Thanks a lot Sang for the cute lil' Bear.

Actually my day did not end at the University after the ceremony. Back at home, I was given another surprise by a flatmate, Z, and fellow colleagues--Sang and Moq.

Us and the flowers. Someone did mention that we look gay. Ha!

It was 9'ish at that time, and I just got up from a nap. Oppss.....! And they came into the house with a cake, a nice moisture and soft baked cheese cake, a bouquet of pink roses and a card!

It is the least thing that I could expect from them to throw me this lil' party!

Very TEPAT. Fly high, yes. Dream big, yes. Very² kene.

And of course, the roses I got from 'em. To be honest, I never get flowers before this. So my first few flowers are the Convo flowers.

Thank you very² much, love. I do appreciate the whole thing you guys did.

And the photo that I just received from the official Convo photographer...

Jubah perempuan mengandung pon tak kembang mcm nih.

U know u love me, XOXO

PS: Wishing all Muslim brothers and sisters a very joyous Ramadan Mubarak. May peace be upon all of us.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Holy Cow......I'm Havin' ......Goosebump!

Tomorrow is the day. I am super nervous for my FIRST Airbus flight.

People might say,
"ala......serve coffee tea je, ape nak takutkan"
but they don't know the inside out life as a crew.

Dulu dalam satu set ade 5 cabin crew je, paling tinggi pon Leading Steward/ess.

But now ade 11 crew, banyak pulak ranking yang ada, paling tinggi is Inflight Supervisor, followed by Chief Steward/ess, then Leading Steward/ess dan yang last sekali barulah kami, askar² bawahan.

Belum 747 lagi yang ada 18 cabin crew, jugak A380 yang ada 25 crew.

Seriously I feel seriau! Tapi dah name kerja, buat je la kan. Else, kalo asyik nak hidup dalam comfort zone je.....monochrome la pulak hidup!


Monday, August 17, 2009


Dear Diary,

Greetings. Monday evening.

I am lazing at home now. It is spitting outside.

Today was my final day at the Flying Academy for the Airbus class. I passed all the exams (no less than 10 exams in total, for the 2 weeks class) and now certified to operate the fleet.

I will start to fly with the Airbus beginning this Wednesday, first to Jakarta. Followed by Kuching on Friday and up to Manila on Saturday. I look forward for my trips. Long haul flights will come afterward so wait....

Other than that, nothing much to highlight except the fact that I keep on thinking the great weekend I spent last week. I do miss every second spent with that special someone.

I hope I will be able to see the person again soon.

I better crawl to bed now.

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: "World's Best Cabin Staff, please arm and crosscheck all doors"

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last Weekend

Hola peeps,

My weekend was a crazy one. I met someone special last Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend together. The feeling was rather unusual to spend the whole weekend with someone I just met. But I do like the person very much. Very very much.

I also met Aiman, an ex-colleague of mine during study time, when I was walking with my date in town. He is now working as a retailer at Brioni, KLCC.

And we made a joke about our job
'How great is that we both graduated and spent 000's on tuition fees but I end up as someone who pushes the tea/coffee trolley and he sells pants and shirts?'.
Nevertheless, we both take that as a good joke.

As long as Aiman and I enjoy what we do, and the income is Halal, (and prolly in my case my salary is higher than YOU) so why bother?

U know u love me, xoxo

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The 10th Multimedia University Convocation Day 2009

Taken at Carl's Jr., Pavilion. Ada berani pakai topi konvo at public area?

Dear Diary,


I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my Convocation Day last Monday. It was one of the most remarkable day in my life, and the most memorable one as well. I am very thankful to the people at the Flying Academy for giving me permission to attend the ceremony (I did mention all the hassles in previous entries).

The ceremony started early in the morning. Both Ma & Pa were there, so did my 2 elder sisters and 3 nephews. Really
aku bersyukur to Allah Almighty that I was be able to have Ma & Pa at the event. Alhamdulillah, panjang lagi umur mereka and sempat tengok me going up on stage taking the scroll from the University Chancellor, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, wife to the ex-PM, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who is also the Chancellor to another private uni in Malaysia.

Now at mamak at BB Plaza, still with the hat on.

Actually, I did not turn up at the rehearsal held days before the actual event took place, due to work reasons. I was lucky enough that an old colleague of mine, Fad, had helped me with the convo items (robe, hat, yada yada) collection, as well as smart card activation.

Oh, did you know that the uni uses a very cool system upon scroll collection on stage? Will tell more in a bit.

Anyway, many thanks to you again, buddy.

Hanis, one of the rich brats in my batch. He drives Celica, SLK and Harrier.
And yet, a very soft spoken guy, softer than me. Hah!

The event was a successful one. Everything went smoothly. I really like the idea of e-everything for the convocation.

The one thing that surprised me most was the music they played during the Perarakan Graduan masuk ke dewan (I don't know what that is called in English). Some of the songs are actually the same songs that I listen everyday at work during pax boarding into the aircraft. Somehow it was quite funny.

Fellow internship colleagues at the National Archive of M'sia.

I myself was the 27th person to go up on stage to receive the scroll that morning.

Initially, I thought that it was a free-seating like ceremony where we can sit with our company, as what the seniors said for their convocation in previous years. But starting this year, the uni sits the graduates according to the major.

So, graduates from the Faculty of Information Science and Technology were the first to go up, followed by uni mates the from Faculty of Creative Multimedia and Diploma graduates.

He was a uni mate, and now a neighbor and also a work colleague!!
Both of us took hardcore major in uni. Me, Information System Engineering and he did Interface Design.

I saw a lot of changes amongst my uni mates after have not seen them for quite a while. Like this one below.

We used to do crazy things together and now she wears TUDONG?!!!
Her bf was there, her new bf. A very hunky Australian guy. Aku wonder mane la ko kutip mamat tu, Yoy?

But this one below remain the same. She befriended this Sudanese man , who is also a uni mate since the very first year in uni. I thought they would split up one day, you know.....couple Arab Melayu ni selalu tak menjadi but.....after many many years, they are still together!!

Bila mau kawen?

Jugak masih sama mereka berdua.

The event finished at 11'ish. Quite early then what scheduled.

As I got out from the uni (I felt like coming out from Hogwarts) I went straight to my family, in order to 'redeem' the flowers. Ha! And of koz to say thank you to Ma & Pa for all the things they had been giving me, until I dah pandai carik duit sendiri.

It is no fun (and apparently no cool) la kan to walk around on convocation day without a bouquet in hands..

Just exactly a moment before I returned the robe.

Cam w**** memang camni.

I also managed to meet some old friends at the event. Like this one.

Good luck for the ACCA my dear.

Oh, the system I mentioned earlier on works like this.

During the rehearsal day, all graduates are required to test the smart card. Our uni smart card, to access the system.

During the actual event, we were to touch the smart card on the squarish mouse-pad like paper, and as we receive the scroll, our name will appear on the main screen located at the centre of the stage together with our photo, as well as our thank you message. Very cool, is not it?

What a visit to Cyberjaya Campus without taking a photo here.

That day, I received these:

Just a dummy.

The hat tassle, see my year of Class graduated?

Since my smart card can't be activated, I used the special Convo Card. Melayang RM 20 for that!

The Convo Book.

The car sticker. Yes, kene simpan jugak....kenangan kan?

The DVD of the event. As soon as we got out from the hall, the DVD is already there for sale. Dont ask me how they do this, I myself pon surprised jugak. Kata pon Multimedia. How I wish the format was in HD.

The Invitation Card for the parents.

The event DVD. this is the actual scroll. We dont do the conventional paper scroll but were given the CD.
They call it e-Scroll.

Now you can read everything about the e-Scoll here. MMU is the first uni in the world to use this e-Scroll thing.


The flowers I received. A bouquet of white lily and a bouquet of yellow roses.

U know u love me, xoxo

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Dubai....La La La~

Short Talk:

I don't know who this stalker is but apparently he or she is a regular to my blog who uses the nick of "MAS" and left nasty comments on my blog. Well, I don't know why this fella has to make things complicated. My advice is, if YOU have problems with the company that I am happily working with now, please do contact the right department. This is not the right place for you to dump your trash.
For whatever reasons that I don't know, this particular bug sounds VERRRRRY ENVY with me. Ha ha!

I do believe in karma. What goes around comes around. God bless you!


Good day,

Heya! How was the weekend?

Mine was a splendid one. And I just got home from attending my Convocation Day in Cyberjaya.
It was great to see the family and old friends at the ceremony. I will tell this more on my next entry.

As I mentioned earlier, I am currently grounded for the Airbus conversion class. So far, my job has taken me to almost all domestic points as well as around the region.

But soon, I will be flying further. Those exotic routes like Seoul, Chennai, Istanbul, Beirut and Kuwait (seasonal) to name a few. Sounds exciting? Yeah, very much indeed.

A bit about the Airbus.

This aircraft is slightly larger than the B-734/8 but almost the same size to the B-777. It has 294 seats that are divided into 2 classes, Business (C) and Economy (Y). 44 in C and 250 in Y.

Click on the photograph below to see the seating arrangement.

I myself have flown with the aircraft only once before. I did google for the photos and below are some of the photos showing the internal as well as the external of the A330.

Old seats. Seats were all blue.

The new seats. We call'em Kek Lapis Sarawak. Hah! I'm feeling hungry now.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any showing the C cabin photo. Duh~

And there you go, the outer view of the Airbus'es own by Malaysia Airlines ;)

Love the contra!!

My elder sister asks me this few days ago, "Is there a need for you to come down to the training school again for the retraining?. You've been flying for quite sometime already"

Ughh.....I am telling you, the diffs are very huge!!

Anyway, wish me best of luck peeps. I have my second Airbus exam tomoro.



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