Friday, August 28, 2009

A Reward For Myself

Dear Diary,

Weekend is here now. So, what are the plans? Going out for a party? Cooking for colleagues/family for break fast (it's Ramadhan now) or just simply lazing at home?

Well, I got no plans but to go to work. I'll be flying off to Borneo once again tomorrow before going to the ever colorful India on Monday.
Weeeeeeee........ People say I'm insane, but I know myself better--what I like, and what I don't like. Just like you.

I am now busy gathering knowledge and info for some stuffs.

I mean, in this year alone, I graduated twice. First, from the Flying Academy and landed on a job that I really love, and second from the university. Was I fortunate? Yeah, very much so.

And I have not reward a thing for myself for the 2 events. I do believe after the hard work done, I must do something to pamper myself.

I have 3 options. And below are what nesting in my head now.

1. MacBook, 160Gb, 2.13MHz

Budget: MYR 3699
Days of Hunger: 6 weeks (bukan berdasarkan gaji but average spending per month)
Note: Apple Media Event is scheduled for September 9th. It will introduce the new updated version of all Apple items during the event so I rather wait and see the new offerings. Plus I dislike the white MacBook. They ceased the production of the black MacBook :(

2. A DSLR Camera

Budget: MYR 3k-4k
Days of Hunger: 5-6 weeks
depending on the camera (bukan berdasarkan gaji but average spending per month)
Note: My heart strongly says I go for Nikon. Model of camera to be confirmed. This is a great investment so I must not regret for the choice I make later on. Hardcore research needed.

3. A Beach Holiday for 4D/3N

Budget: MYR 1k ONLY
Days of Hunger: 3 weeks (bukan berdasarkan gaji but average spending per month)
Note: I looooong for a beach gateaway. Not at Port Dickson neither at Pantai Morib (remember, I am not a married man with 3 kids, and a fattie wifey). It must be a good mixture of nice beach, vibrating night life, good food and good shopping (and great people too). My off days request for this plan have been approved tho :)

It is hard to make a decision heh. Nak reward diri sendiri pon susah! How I wish I can afford these 3 without any hunger.

Dump me your comments.

U know u love me, xoxo


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