Saturday, August 01, 2009

Dubai....La La La~

Short Talk:

I don't know who this stalker is but apparently he or she is a regular to my blog who uses the nick of "MAS" and left nasty comments on my blog. Well, I don't know why this fella has to make things complicated. My advice is, if YOU have problems with the company that I am happily working with now, please do contact the right department. This is not the right place for you to dump your trash.
For whatever reasons that I don't know, this particular bug sounds VERRRRRY ENVY with me. Ha ha!

I do believe in karma. What goes around comes around. God bless you!


Good day,

Heya! How was the weekend?

Mine was a splendid one. And I just got home from attending my Convocation Day in Cyberjaya.
It was great to see the family and old friends at the ceremony. I will tell this more on my next entry.

As I mentioned earlier, I am currently grounded for the Airbus conversion class. So far, my job has taken me to almost all domestic points as well as around the region.

But soon, I will be flying further. Those exotic routes like Seoul, Chennai, Istanbul, Beirut and Kuwait (seasonal) to name a few. Sounds exciting? Yeah, very much indeed.

A bit about the Airbus.

This aircraft is slightly larger than the B-734/8 but almost the same size to the B-777. It has 294 seats that are divided into 2 classes, Business (C) and Economy (Y). 44 in C and 250 in Y.

Click on the photograph below to see the seating arrangement.

I myself have flown with the aircraft only once before. I did google for the photos and below are some of the photos showing the internal as well as the external of the A330.

Old seats. Seats were all blue.

The new seats. We call'em Kek Lapis Sarawak. Hah! I'm feeling hungry now.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any showing the C cabin photo. Duh~

And there you go, the outer view of the Airbus'es own by Malaysia Airlines ;)

Love the contra!!

My elder sister asks me this few days ago, "Is there a need for you to come down to the training school again for the retraining?. You've been flying for quite sometime already"

Ughh.....I am telling you, the diffs are very huge!!

Anyway, wish me best of luck peeps. I have my second Airbus exam tomoro.



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