Friday, July 31, 2009

Viva La Hem Hem Yuu ~

Dear Diary,


Weekend is approaching. I am very impatient for the weekdays to over. I am craving for a good night sleep and maximum rest, and a bit of shopping too. Past 4 days had been real crazy , so many things to do in a very little time.

Anyway, I am now sipping my latte while awaiting flatmate to wake up and leave for the flying school together.

Oh, not to forget that I am so in graduation mood this week, so, I have compiled 10 photos that I think will bestly describe my final years in university.
How I miss my student life very much...~

Final exam paper at MMU.

Eu....MMUians, do u know this Mr. Nbhan? The Egyptian lecturer who bagi lecture yang tunggang langgang! Nasib baik tak repeat paper ni!

Swear to God this is one of the toughest paper in IT.

Opps sorry, exam mode was there as you may see. No time to check grooming and all like now. Ha! And I was a bit big too at that time.

Close friends, those who are sill in touch with me.

Final club meeting held at Holiday Inn, Melaka.

Taken during an event that organized by us the trainees at Arkib Negara. Did I tell you that I did my internship there?
Keje dengan makcik² you all!

......and you certainly don't want to know where this was. year without going to the Prom Night? No way!

And o yeah, I was nominated for the Prom King, Top 3 Best Dressed Male and what else?

I miss you faculty mates, uni mates, Melaka, MMU, Shima Catering, MMU gym, JJ Melaka, Tesco Melaka, RSU/RSI, U Centre.....yada yada



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