Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Yogya Trip

Dear Diary,

Salaam and good day.

I see lots of comments on my chat box these days. That is prolly a good sign, if I may assume. A sign that readers may (or may not) like what they see and read. Well, I am here not to collect the number or visitors to my page, though your comments are very much appreciated. Basically, I just love to share with people out there about my thoughts and view of my daily life. I do hope that people outside will not get me wrong with the contents of this little blog of mine.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Yogyakarta again. I was in the city once in 2004 during my 2-weeks long of travel to Indonesia.

I like Yogya, just how I like the other cities in Indo (minus Jakarta for the massive traffic jams). During my first time here, I managed to visit the 2 significant identities of the country--the Prambanan and the Borobudur temple. The trip was awesome!

Anyway, old story lah.


Oh no, I did not take the train but I was amazed with the spelling of 'station' in Indonesian.

I also got the chance to visit the hill tribe there. But unfortunately, they are far modern that what I had imagined.

Oh yeah, I also had the opportunity to fly with Garuda, en route to Denpasar in Bali. Mind you, there are more than 5 carriers that serve domestic sectors in Indonesia, so the airfares are very competitive....
Somehow to fly around Indo is cheaper than taking a coach/train


Me again, at the Adi Sucipto airport ;)

Here is my 2-cent, Yogya perhaps can be considered as pergi skali dah cukup.....

So, make a visit to Yogya, at least once for your life. Just to see the magnificient temples, and some shopping at Malioboro belt. You will not regret it.

And of course, fly with Malaysia Airlines......

u know u love me, xoxo

ps: Just returned home from a crazy night with my 3 other b*tches at a club in town. It was my first time to that particular club. I enjoyed the music, the scene, the company...basically everything there. So J, same place next week?


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