Friday, July 24, 2009

Makan² at Bubba Gum

Dear Diary,

It's good to be home. I ought to have a well-deserved rest after running (flying) around. Nothing much planned for the weekend (since I am poorer by RM 7933.37 yesterday). Ha!

Anyway, it is confirmed. August roster is out and I am going for the Airbus class earlier next month. I kinda look forward for the class actually.

Hey, have you heard the Bubba Gump restaurant before?

Well, few colleagues and I got the chance to eat aka 'food-tasting' there just recently. It was attended by

Z & Z

and Sang and Me ;)

Everyone. Lavish spread on the table. Hmm..

May I recommend to you that it is rather wiser and cheaper to order the set than a la cart, as what we did.

By a la cart, ones need to spend at least RM 80 for the menu but we only paid roughly (I am old enough to remember the exact figures) RM 53 for a 5-course menu! And that is what I called a good bargain. kiasu, neh?

The course started with the garden salad.

The portion was big enough for 2! After all, this is an American chain restaurant. So, everything here is by American size/portion!

Then followed by the garlic breads. Served on newspaper printed paper. Kool!

And I ordered this one. Beef ribs. OMG, yet another huge portion. It was meant for couples I guess. Oh, now I realized my visit to the restaurant was wasted by ordering this. Should've tried the shrimps, kan?

And, the desert. Chocolate cookies and vanilla ice-cream served in the glass.

And this is my tummy after laying my a$$ off in the chair in less than an hour.

Really, it was so worthwhile (for those yang pelahap) to eat here, despite rude waitress that served us.

As soon as we settled, things then washed down with hot bev (c/t).

Actually, I myself could not finish the whole set so...

I tapau'ed!

The restaurant ambiance were excellent. They successfully created the American mood. You know, country songs, the decos and all. Seating arrangements great. Bottomless soft drinks.

Just one drawback, the crew were less attentive (wah....ayat sejak jadi crew ni). We had to ask them to refill our drinks constantly and actually, we were given the dessert first!

That was really ODD!

Nevertheless, we had a great time there still.

U know u love me, xoxo


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