Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Labuan Trip

Greetings everyone,

How was the weekend? Enjoyed it? Mine was a not-so-bad one. I had a blast with my gang last Friday night, and slept in the whole day following day. Not too bad. Or was it bad? Hah!

Anyway, I was in Penang yesterday. Just reached home. Had the opportunity to eat at one of the ever famous Nasik Kandar in the state--Kapitan Nasik Kandar.

Initially, the rest of the crew and I wanted to give a try at Nasik Kandar 'Beratok' but heck, as the name suggested, it was a loooong Q at the restaurant, just like the Q at J.Co Donuts during every weekend. Heh. But still, Kapitan did not dissapoint us.

Sedap, OK? And cheap too....

I was in Labuan 2 weeks ago. I admit it was my first time to the island. I liked the hotel and enjoyed my little shopping at the duty free shops there. Ciggies at RM 36 for a carton. Not bad, heh? RM 12 cheaper than in KLIA.

I also had the opportunity to visit the WWII Memorial. It is about 10 mins taxi ride from the hotel.

Needless to say, that was also my first visit to a memorial in my entire life (put aside Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman masa kerja Arkib Negara dulu).

I did show my photos here to my colleagues. And most of them said the same thing 'Why on earth would I want to visit this?'.

Somehow I don't understand with some of the crew itself. We have wide opportunity to see the world, so, why would I want to waste it in the hotel room unless the city is darn boring like Sibu in Sarawak, well, that is another story. Just like the one who said this 'Babe, u are soo junior crew la'. My reply was simple. 'Have you actually visited this?' And the fella remained quiet. Ha!

And peeps, please do not follow me doing this.

The weather was perfect when I visited the Memorial. And the surrounding was very peaceful too (I am sure you know the feeling) . There are 2 long benches at the Memorial. I could just sit there the whole day reading a book, really!

For my next trip to Labuan, I keen to see the Surrender Point located at the North of the island.

U know u love me, xoxo


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