Saturday, July 04, 2009


Greetings, and Happy Weekend everyone,

How is the Saturday going on so far?
As for me, I am 'blessed' with an off day today. I was in Bali yesterday and off to Sin city down south tomorrow evening.

Anyway, has anyone who reads this been to Kau-diva Cafe in town? Opps.....I mean Godiva (pronounced Go-dai-vuh) cafe? FYI, it is the only branch in the SE Asia and is the second after the one in Taiwan. Good, heh?

I was there with a friend, F, last week. It was our first time there.

It was so embarrassing that we went straight to counter thinking that the concept is similar to the other cafes in town like Starbucks and Coffee Bean where self-service is required. The truth is, the waiter will come to your table and take the order....

And that day, F did order this...

Raspberry Chocolate shake

.....and I had this one

Decadent Dark Choc shake.....arghh....heavenly!

And as for the side orders, F had this one

Well, I can't really remember the name but it was divinely scorching.....

And for those who don't know, F was my flatmate for 5 years during our uni years in Melaka. This is him.

We all siap denga the waiter cakap...."mesti they all ni baru ade duit lebih ni...tu yang makan sini siap nak amik gamba nih".....haha. Kidding.

And I had this one.

Pistachio Macaroon

Haaa........2 thumbs upm for this green burger!

And later I went to my fav boutique nearby. What do u think of this outfit? I soo wanted to buy this one.

But I ain't sure the idea since I believe that I will look like walking eye shadow palette in town. What do u say?

U know u love me, xoxo


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