Thursday, July 30, 2009

Batavia/Betawi/Djakarta/Jakarta Trip


It is sunny outside. Me, enjoying the beginning of the day with a cuppa while connecting myself online. How is it going, so far? And how was the weekend?

I have just returned to KL from a 4 days trip to Sarawak, to Miri and Sibu. I enjoyed my trip a lot ;)

Did you remember about my trip to Jakarta 2 weeks ago? Yeah, the one during the bombing. Well now I am reporting to you about it.

The trip started early in the morning.
Being a crew, it is a must for each of us to check who are the pilots of the flight(s) we are doing. As I jotted down the name of the pilots, I soon realized that this particular name seemed very familiar to me. The person remained 'unidentified' until I met him.

And voila~ I was very surprised to know that the co-pilot (First Officer--just 1 step to become a Captain) was my batchmate at Bukit Bintang (BBBS)!

We chatted a bit, and he has been flying since 5 years ago which means he attended the flying school as soon as he (we) finished the SPM, before joining the airline. And I still remember, I was in the top class at BBBS and he was in the 4th (kelas yang agak lembap student²nye since we only had 6 classes per batch), by the ranking.

And that day, I was far below him in the aircraft by job ranking. First being the pilots followed by the cabin crew. And he prolly earning like.......I don't know, RM 15-20K maybe? 10 times higher than me, a graduate from a university? Ha!
I am far from whining. You see, my point here is, life is really like a roda, kan? Today you are on top, and the other day..... well nobody knows, heh.

OK enough of him.

Later, I soon discovered that I was actually in the right place, and on the right time when it happened that the plane that carried the Manchester United (MU) team, had just landed into the airport. Oh, never that I forget to bring my camera to my flights. And below are the photos. Click to enlarge.

Sir Fergie.

The ginger man. Ah I forgot his name.

Can you see Ryan Giggs there? ;)

Owen and Rooney.
Seriously Rooney nampak fugly kat TV and newspaper. Tapi bile tengok dekat, macam good looking pulak.

Lagi satu nama tak dapat dikenalpasti berdiri depan skali.

As you may see, I was standing at the wrong place. I should have gone to the front part of the escalator. Sighh........

And hey, during my transit, I also had the opportunity to catch my bestie at university, Naz before he flying off to Melbourne later that day. I did tell you this before, heh? He was on a 9-hour transit at KLIA.
The timing was so kena for everything that day la.

Really la Naz, x bole blah la your sunglass. Yang lain takde ke?

And later, I flew off to Jakarta. Yeay!

As soon as we reached there, the 2 pilots and I went out for makan². The rest of the cabin crew couldn't be bothered to join us, tak selamat (not safe outside), as they said.

And we headed to Senayan Mall, a very upscale mall in town, just like KLCC with the difference that they only have all-Ground Floor-shops-in-KLCC at Senayan.

Ape kau penah makan nasik berharga 58,000?

Then we pusing²ed around the mall.

To my surprise, the captain who is in late 40's to early 50's was a kaki shopping. He was wearing a black Hugo jeans with nicely tucked-in YSL polo t-shirt. O yeah, he looks like Dato' Rahim Razali somehow.

Frankly speaking, I CANNOT AFFORD a thing from Senayan Mall. So, me and the co-pilot followed the Captain around where the Captain soon realized that the place does not suit my budget and says this
'Kat situ ada Sogo, kamu boleh pergi situ'
O MY LORD.....How insulted I feel to hear that!!

I know la gaji pilot berpuluh kali ganda banyak dari cabin crew, tapi takda la sampai aku shopping Sogo. Aku bukan la menghina cakap Sogo tu low class, in fact I still remembered I used to shop there when I was very little but now, aku pon ada jugak taste.
And taste aku yang pastinya bukan kat Sogo.

Nonetheless, I still followed the Captain to Sogo!

And guess what? I was so wrong. The Sogo in Jakarta is a lot better than the Sogo in KL in terms of retail offerings. They have wider choice, and advance stock-ins e.g some of the 2(x)ist underwear there are still unavailable in anywhere in KL!

We then split-ed up. I went to Kinokuniya to grab some stuffs and the 2 pilots went somewhere.
We decided to meet at a point after an hour.

And haaa! Later that I saw the Captain was happily holding a Canali paper bag when we meet! So jealous!

By the way, we were put in a very luxurious 5 star hotel namely Hotel Mulia Senayan in Jakarta.
I perhaps may say that it looooooks rather grander to be called a 5 star, prolly I should say it's a 6 star hotel, really! You may ask other crew, if you don't believe me ;)
Tak salah kalau nak samakan hotel tu sama macam Palace of Golden Horses kat KL.

Pelik kan cara orang Indon kawen.

One of the hotel lobby.

En route to Jakarta, I met another celebrity on board. She was attending the Anugerah Planet Muzik.

It's Yuna, habibi. Ala....Yuna yang ala² Betty Abas tu, tapi version yang chun lagi la :p

These are among the items that I bought from Kinokuniya Jakarta.

RM 300 worth of postcards.

Sorry for the long writings.

U know u love me, xoxo


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