Thursday, October 12, 2006


as everyone is heading back home soon, Ryn together with the housemates had organized a Pre-Raya party held at her place. it was the time to catch up one another as some will be away for the coming trimester, doing the industrial training (internship) and quite a number will be graduating this trimester :(

list of people that will be away next trimester:
- Diane (internship//Renaissance Melaka)
- Fira (internship//Renaissance Melaka)
- Tony (graduating)
- Asma (internship//Johore Bahru)
- Ryn (travelling to Tokyo for 2 MONTHS!!!!! my goodness!)
- Mama Rose (internship//Kota Bharu)
- Sis Hai ( internship//K. Terengganu)
- Diha (graduating)

-.........(i feel soo like a loser not to be listed here :( )

we also threw a surprise bday party for Yuz (Ryn's housemate) and Badin (her fiancee).

there was satay, carrot rice, spicy red chicken, noodle soup, mixed-fruit custard, mud chocolate cake (?) etc etc. wow.... i cannot list all the menu here.
the food were yummy especially the custard ;) credit to Auntie Ayu.


i feel so intimidated that i am barred from doing my course registration for the next trimester. awful!
everything was cleared, i paid more than i should this trimester (same thing last trimester).

it was unbearable and super intolerable to know how much money the finance division of this uni wants from me.

'hello...i got no money left to give u, ok?! '
will be heading to a party at Ryn's place tonite. well, it is not really a party, it is more like a get-together dinner thing before everyone goes home for holiday. was told one of the menu is 'satay'. YUMM!


i have 4 friends at my place now, doing the final revision before their exam tomorrow morning.
great to have them all here, at least i'm not alone for tonite.
my other 2 flatmates are not around--Hayop and Chicky F has already gone back to their hometown.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


day # 18 of Ramadhan.

today, i received my first Raya card (shown above) from Asma' aka Lil'Chinois, and it was my first ONLINE Raya card that i got from someone. very sweet and thoughtful of her.



i did not do much, today. i walked to campus to collect my insurance card and went to the library thereafter. i got bored of waiting for the newspaper in the library, so, within 5 minutes, i was already on my way back home :(

it was still hazey today, worst than yesterday. my thought was the situation could have been better after the heavy rain this a.m. i was wrong...


but hey!!! i got a postcard again today. it hailed all the way from Finland. i am actually in a project of exchanging postcards ( the project is simple, u will have to send the postcard to someone randomly, soon, when the receiver register the card, the database will then send your mailing address to the next person, from there u will get one card in return. until now, i have sent 65 and received 66 different cards from around the globe. how interesting is that?


i woke up this a.m (uhuh...not really a.m, it was 1304 by then ;p ) and the very first thing i did was to switched on my ever sincere old PC and handphone.

WHAM!!! 1 new voice mail and 1 party invitation email. how kool is that?
the lovely Barrie called me earlier just to wish my hols which eventually started today.
and as for the email, it is a beach-themed party, will be held in Liquid. anyone up for it?

Monday, October 09, 2006

a story like mine, has never been told...

when i first heard the line, i got bumped into excitement of how the movie is gonna be like.
it was adapted from Golden's masterpiece, i would say, but to be frank, i still have not read the book yet when the movie was released in cinemas.

the book has been on the rack since forever and i was suggested to get a copy by many. but i was like, yeah.....maybe laterrr until i heard about the movie (by the way, i was really turned on to hear Zhang Zi Yi spoke the line gracefully.....hehe)

so, i got one earlier this year from HMV in Sg.
and WOWW... it was a brilliant book to my surprise. i can recommend this to anyone. really liked the storyline and the ideas, altogether. it was a good and all worthwhile, i must say.
(please excuse myself that i'm not a good commentator, BUT when i say yes, it means 1000 YESSS!)

apparently, when i was browsing a bookstore here in Melaka, i was thrilled to see the book in Malay version. i did not think twice and straight away headed to the counter to purchase one. and i was glad that i was be able to read the book, again, but now in Malay.

talking about Geisha, Ed, my very old Brit friend invited me to travel to him to Tokyo. i feel honoured to be invited ;-) this lady just moved to the city couple of weeks ago from HK.
you may wonder how did i met this queen? it just happened 6 years ago, when i was a kid (i think i am still a kid, no?).
6 years of knowing the 'gweilo' queen now and still counting. ha!

i bet it's gotta be cool to see a gweilo wearing kimono, with satin obi on the waist, walking from okiya to town to catch the densya (modern geisha, i mean) to meet the customer. *giggle*


i was out for a dinner with my dearie Dirk couple of weeks ago.

it's been quite sometime that i don't see this guy, so clearly there was a lot to talk about.
and fyi, Dirk was the very first person to say 'du stinskt..' to me. ahaha ;-)

one thing i realized that nite was how much i like his new handy! it was a very2 cute and funky looking new model. i was wow'ed and stunned to see the phone.


take a look, it is the latest by SonyEricsson, it is the Cybershot K80oi .3G ready with 3.2 MP camera built in (checked JJ and phone tagged at RM2k and over)



today is day # 17 of Ramadhan. same boring day today, but less hazey unlike couple of days before. it's healthier and a lot better.

and, i feel glad that i have completed all my final exam papers for the trimester. i like to think that i did well, will have to wait for the result to come out soon.
and now, i am officially on my semester break :)
a lot of things are planned for the break--meeting old friends, new dates etc etc *winks*

BUT i feel so bad and sad, that today, i received an email from my Final Year Project (FYP) supervisor, Mdm Emaliana.
and i quote:

'Hi guys,

How ya doing? I hope you
guys are fine.

I am writing this email to inform you that i will be leaving on
November. Therefore I cannot be your supervisor for FYP.

I suggest that you find another topic or if you want
to proceed with the present topic you may approach other lecturers.

I wish you all the best for your FYP
and pardon me to inform you in short notice.


Emaliana Kasmuri
MMU Melaka'

good bye, partner.


Sunday, October 08, 2006


hola everyone,

i'm very pleased that i finally managed to create this blog account. wullah, this is my very first posting, and i simply unsure where to start and what to begin. too many things to say and share, yet little time to put all them together, provided the timing is not right, as i will be having my final exam tomorrow. ha!

it is the holiest month in Muslim calendar now-- it's Ramadhan. and today is the 16th day of the month. soon, we will be celebrating Hari Raya (or Eid). to all Muslim brothers and sisters, Happy Fasting and may we all blessed from Him. and of course, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin (i know the message seems so general but hey!, it's still Ramadhan babeh!)

and to all my Indian friends, Happy Diwali. YIPPIEE!!!!

you see, living in Malaysia isn't that bad. say who, this 'miltikulti' country is a boring place to live in? we celebrate sooo...many festivals all year round.
first, is the Diwali (or Deepavali), then Hari Raya Aidilfitri, next the colourful Xmas, followed by Chinese New Year et cetera et cetera.
we all are able to savour different taste, experience different sight...nah, everything fabulous that i could say, in one country, in Malaysia.

allow me to say that i strongly feel that our tourism tagline fits the bill -- Malaysia Truly Asia :)

enough of junk!

tomorrow, is my final day of my final examination this trimester.
guess what?
i haven't started anything yet! yes, this is true! i am just a lazy malay ass, what to do...the lazy lazy me :(

then HURAHHHHH>>>>!!! it's my holiday.
it's been quite sometime that i don't go travel.
i was planning for a trip to Shanghai with my recently-graduated-best friend, Naz, but plan destructed due to some 'internal' errors.
anyway, it's OK, provided i will be dayumn busy this hols, visiting here and there.


eh, somebody is waiting downstairs. will have to stop here. will keep u updated.



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