Thursday, October 12, 2006


as everyone is heading back home soon, Ryn together with the housemates had organized a Pre-Raya party held at her place. it was the time to catch up one another as some will be away for the coming trimester, doing the industrial training (internship) and quite a number will be graduating this trimester :(

list of people that will be away next trimester:
- Diane (internship//Renaissance Melaka)
- Fira (internship//Renaissance Melaka)
- Tony (graduating)
- Asma (internship//Johore Bahru)
- Ryn (travelling to Tokyo for 2 MONTHS!!!!! my goodness!)
- Mama Rose (internship//Kota Bharu)
- Sis Hai ( internship//K. Terengganu)
- Diha (graduating)

-.........(i feel soo like a loser not to be listed here :( )

we also threw a surprise bday party for Yuz (Ryn's housemate) and Badin (her fiancee).

there was satay, carrot rice, spicy red chicken, noodle soup, mixed-fruit custard, mud chocolate cake (?) etc etc. wow.... i cannot list all the menu here.
the food were yummy especially the custard ;) credit to Auntie Ayu.


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