Tuesday, October 10, 2006


day # 18 of Ramadhan.

today, i received my first Raya card (shown above) from Asma' aka Lil'Chinois, and it was my first ONLINE Raya card that i got from someone. very sweet and thoughtful of her.



i did not do much, today. i walked to campus to collect my insurance card and went to the library thereafter. i got bored of waiting for the newspaper in the library, so, within 5 minutes, i was already on my way back home :(

it was still hazey today, worst than yesterday. my thought was the situation could have been better after the heavy rain this a.m. i was wrong...


but hey!!! i got a postcard again today. it hailed all the way from Finland. i am actually in a project of exchanging postcards (www.postcrossing.com). the project is simple, u will have to send the postcard to someone randomly, soon, when the receiver register the card, the database will then send your mailing address to the next person, from there u will get one card in return. until now, i have sent 65 and received 66 different cards from around the globe. how interesting is that?


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