Monday, October 09, 2006

a story like mine, has never been told...

when i first heard the line, i got bumped into excitement of how the movie is gonna be like.
it was adapted from Golden's masterpiece, i would say, but to be frank, i still have not read the book yet when the movie was released in cinemas.

the book has been on the rack since forever and i was suggested to get a copy by many. but i was like, yeah.....maybe laterrr until i heard about the movie (by the way, i was really turned on to hear Zhang Zi Yi spoke the line gracefully.....hehe)

so, i got one earlier this year from HMV in Sg.
and WOWW... it was a brilliant book to my surprise. i can recommend this to anyone. really liked the storyline and the ideas, altogether. it was a good and all worthwhile, i must say.
(please excuse myself that i'm not a good commentator, BUT when i say yes, it means 1000 YESSS!)

apparently, when i was browsing a bookstore here in Melaka, i was thrilled to see the book in Malay version. i did not think twice and straight away headed to the counter to purchase one. and i was glad that i was be able to read the book, again, but now in Malay.

talking about Geisha, Ed, my very old Brit friend invited me to travel to him to Tokyo. i feel honoured to be invited ;-) this lady just moved to the city couple of weeks ago from HK.
you may wonder how did i met this queen? it just happened 6 years ago, when i was a kid (i think i am still a kid, no?).
6 years of knowing the 'gweilo' queen now and still counting. ha!

i bet it's gotta be cool to see a gweilo wearing kimono, with satin obi on the waist, walking from okiya to town to catch the densya (modern geisha, i mean) to meet the customer. *giggle*


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