Friday, October 31, 2008

Raya 2008 Pt 2

Dear Diary,

Here it comes the second part of my Raya (Eid Mubarak) 2008 report--just some photos taken during my way to balik kampong. As my kampong is located at Negri Sembilan, we used the PLUS highway and it took us roughly 2 hours to get there from Kuala Lumpur.

Man, the highway was jam-packed with eager Malaysians rushing back to the hometown for the celebration. This photo was taken at about 4 p.m.

Geez...cant wait to reach the kampong!

See this? It was actually far worst than this one.

...and it was raining too.


and closer....! be continued

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Dear Diary,

I got a phone call this afternoon from MAS asking me for a confirmation re the job offer as FA. So basically, I will need to go to the Subang Airport tomorrow in order to discuss the matter with the HR Department.

I actually feeling very tersepit laaa....

How do I deal this matter fair enough for me and my family? Actually my family memang against the idea of me taking up the job. But you know, tengah ekonomi gawat like this, I just cant afford to be picky :(
After all, this is like my childhood dream, to become a FA (*after pilot, I had to accept the fact that I have long sighted problem hence I do not fit for the job!)

Anyway, in order to be in the World's Best Crew, kene la pegi training 4 bulan dulu.

MAS Crew, 1984.

It may look a glamorous job, but heh.....what you do is very similar with those waiters on the ground. It is just slightly classier and of koz, free travels around the globe (and a lot of chances to meet VIPs, Datuk Shah Rukh Khan (ptui!), Datins, etc)

Dear Seniors, provided I agree to take up this job offer, please do not bully me nanti, OK?

Other than serving people, of koz la you have to smile a lot! I mean A LOT!

And not to forget, juicy gossips with colleagues and friends on the ground. Ha!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Diwali 2008

Hey hi,

I hope it is not too late for me to wish all my Indian friends (and anyone who reads this blog) a very Happy Deepavali nal-Valtukal. May you have a splendid new beginnings, love and all.

Have you seen the Indian version of Halle Berry?

Geez....very Citrawarna!

Credits to KL Handicrafts Complex

OK OK, I just got back from a beach vacation which resulting 2 tones darker on my skin on the pic above, it is not that I have an Indian blood in me

u know u love me, xoxo

Dua Residency


Last Sunday, I managed to visit a friend who is staying at Dua Residency. I must admit that he owns a very nice cute little sexy apartment located in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur (I was told that the rent starts from RM7k/month for a studio!)

I really like to location, and teh tight security. It is just a stone's throw from the serenity of KLCC Park!

As you can see, The Binjai is on the far left, followed by the Petronas Twin Towers, Maxis Tower, K-Residence and The Oval.

The design is very modern, just perfect for young execs (or those who are young at heart). When I first saw the apartment, 2 years back, I just thought it was another office building! Ha ha

And of course, mat salleh yang banyak dok situ ;(

How can you not afford to adore this gorgeous swimming pool?

It is located just next to the Singapore High Commission at Jalan Tun Razak.

Sexy sexy sexy.....just sexy. I mean the apartment!


Dear Diary,

I was at Jalan Silang the other day, after my visit to Dua Residency. I was on my way to Popular Bookstore actually from Masjid Jamek LRT Station where I had to lalu at this area in order to get to the bookstore.

My goodness, I was totally utterly headache just to lalu here.

As you can see, the area was dominated by these third class 'expats'--Burmese, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Viet etc etc.

Expat? Ha ha, we just dont call them expats, do we?

It made me wonder, DBKL (KL City Hall) and the Immigration, tak buat keje ke? Doesn't matter la smalam public holiday ke ape......tak rase macam kat Mesia langsung, ok!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oktoberfest 2008

OK, to start, I dont drink, but this must be fun!

u know u love me, xoxo

Hungry Ghost Festival 2008--Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Dear Diary,

I am glad to be in Malaysia. I get to meet a lot of people from various backgrounds, taste the array of local food offerings, and of course, experience a lot of festivals throughout the year.

One of the festivals I got to know and visit is none other than the Hungry Ghost Festivals. It is the Chinese version of Halloween. Click here for more info.

And these photos below were taken at my neighbourhood during the celebration of the festival last August.

Nice, heh?

Friday, October 24, 2008

I Want!

New D&G underwear collection, with the Italian rugby team as models.

u know u love me, xoxo

Raya 2008 Pt 1

Dear Diary,

I am glad that the weekend is finally around the corner. That means I can sleep until the afternoon. Ha!

Anyway, as I said yesterday, here are the photos of my Raya (Eid Mubarak) this year. Well, I have like hundreds of them, so I decided to put them up part by part into my blog.

Hari Raya fell on Oct 1, Wed this year. I was actually be able to go back to my kampong only on the Raya eve. Why? Because being a lazy guy to do the lemang, kemas rumah, bakar ikan and all, I decided to stay at home in Cheras, alone, while the rest had gone few days earlier. And that resulting a lonely bday this year (Sept 28, my 21st bday, ok!)

OK, let's start from the Raya deco around the town, shall we?

Pavilion KL

Sungei Wang Plaza

Geez....what on earth is this? So like the Burmese phython skin ok! Taken at KL Times Square

Read this for my other Raya 2008 entry.
I was actually at Pavilion, alone for my buka puasa. Pathetic, it was. Before that, I managed to claimed a free movie ticket, since it was my bday and watched Black Water, an OZ movie which was really bad, believe me.

Haven't watch this one yet, anyone? My ex-BB friend is one of the cast!

Another must watch.

My buka puasa treat that day, just a cup of vanilla latte from Starbucks. I did not eat anything until I got back home, and it was Curry Maggi Mee. Macam nak nangis mase makan Maggi tu, not that I felt like a loser.....but dah 2 tahun tak makan Maggi. Tu yang rase sedap sangat tu sampai nak nangis! Lol

Sorry the photos are mixed up!As you can see the above, I was the only on in the hall to watch the movie. Waaaaaaahh...


GSC Pavi, my first time watching a movie there.

Anyway, watch out for this space for the Part 2--my journey to balik kampong ;)

u know u love me, xoxo

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Dear Diary,

I am back in Kuala Lumpur. I am very² glad to tell that I have managed to recover my HDD from severe 'break-down'. Ha!

I will start to upload my Raya 2008 (and other photos) beginning tomorrow.

Keep 'em coming.

u know u love me, xoxo

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kuala Lumpur vs Malacca

Dear Diary,

I am now in Melaka (that is the Malay spelling, Malacca being the English) for a day visit. I am here to settle down few stuffs before returning to KL this afternoon. Honestly, I am missing this city very much. I used to live here for 6 years for my degree. I can tell that the development of the city is blooming like crazy. It is the other version of Dubai located in the Straits of Malacca!

The Eye on Malaysia is finally in the state, permanently (officially launch Nov 7). And the other thing I noticed is the control tower of the Batu Berendam Airport has almost complete. Congrats to the Minister for a well-done job ;)

And yet, I was very surprised that the price of the express coach ticket to the city from KL v v has increased too from RM 9.50 to RM 12.40! Aiyooo....

That's not my point. My point here is actually the domestic bus fares in both cities.
OK, look. Let's make a comparison. In Kuala Lumpur, I could take the bus from my house in Cheras, all the way to KLCC to Mid Valley to One Utama to Medan Tuanku v v that will only cost me at a maximal fare of RM2.00 only. And that is for unlimited bus rides that could be used on the same day the ticket is issued.

But in Melaka, I had to pay RM1.90 for a bus ride from the main station in Melaka to Ayer Keroh for a single ride only! And that journey is no more than a 30-minute ride.

How unfair?

Somebody, explain to me, pleaseee?

October 2008 Read

I was very happy to see that 3 of my unimates who happened to be my gym buddies during my study time in Melaka on the magazine. They were simply following my step by joining the man hunt challenge aka MH Refine & Define Challenge 2008 (mine was last year, 2007). They did not win anything, unfortunately, but hey....they learned a lot, I am sure. Just like I did! Read here.
I am still proud of you, guys!

1-Ke Yi

2-Victor and 3-Wong

All of them are from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET). And, I also read this. Just to keep me updated.

u know u love me, xoxo

Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Day at The National Archives of M'sia

I was at the NAM the other day. Some people here might have already known that I worked for the agency before.

And guess what, this car below is now being placed at the office (literally bukan dalam office la kan)! Do you know what car it is? is the Independence Car that was used by Tunku to pusing² Melaka on that Merdeka Eve!

Aiyo....merase dapat spirit Merdeka sekejap! Punyelah lame keje sane, now only dapat tengok!


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