Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Dear Diary,

I got a phone call this afternoon from MAS asking me for a confirmation re the job offer as FA. So basically, I will need to go to the Subang Airport tomorrow in order to discuss the matter with the HR Department.

I actually feeling very tersepit laaa....

How do I deal this matter fair enough for me and my family? Actually my family memang against the idea of me taking up the job. But you know, tengah ekonomi gawat like this, I just cant afford to be picky :(
After all, this is like my childhood dream, to become a FA (*after pilot, I had to accept the fact that I have long sighted problem hence I do not fit for the job!)

Anyway, in order to be in the World's Best Crew, kene la pegi training 4 bulan dulu.

MAS Crew, 1984.

It may look a glamorous job, but heh.....what you do is very similar with those waiters on the ground. It is just slightly classier and of koz, free travels around the globe (and a lot of chances to meet VIPs, Datuk Shah Rukh Khan (ptui!), Datins, etc)

Dear Seniors, provided I agree to take up this job offer, please do not bully me nanti, OK?

Other than serving people, of koz la you have to smile a lot! I mean A LOT!

And not to forget, juicy gossips with colleagues and friends on the ground. Ha!



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