Friday, October 24, 2008

Raya 2008 Pt 1

Dear Diary,

I am glad that the weekend is finally around the corner. That means I can sleep until the afternoon. Ha!

Anyway, as I said yesterday, here are the photos of my Raya (Eid Mubarak) this year. Well, I have like hundreds of them, so I decided to put them up part by part into my blog.

Hari Raya fell on Oct 1, Wed this year. I was actually be able to go back to my kampong only on the Raya eve. Why? Because being a lazy guy to do the lemang, kemas rumah, bakar ikan and all, I decided to stay at home in Cheras, alone, while the rest had gone few days earlier. And that resulting a lonely bday this year (Sept 28, my 21st bday, ok!)

OK, let's start from the Raya deco around the town, shall we?

Pavilion KL

Sungei Wang Plaza

Geez....what on earth is this? So like the Burmese phython skin ok! Taken at KL Times Square

Read this for my other Raya 2008 entry.
I was actually at Pavilion, alone for my buka puasa. Pathetic, it was. Before that, I managed to claimed a free movie ticket, since it was my bday and watched Black Water, an OZ movie which was really bad, believe me.

Haven't watch this one yet, anyone? My ex-BB friend is one of the cast!

Another must watch.

My buka puasa treat that day, just a cup of vanilla latte from Starbucks. I did not eat anything until I got back home, and it was Curry Maggi Mee. Macam nak nangis mase makan Maggi tu, not that I felt like a loser.....but dah 2 tahun tak makan Maggi. Tu yang rase sedap sangat tu sampai nak nangis! Lol

Sorry the photos are mixed up!As you can see the above, I was the only on in the hall to watch the movie. Waaaaaaahh...


GSC Pavi, my first time watching a movie there.

Anyway, watch out for this space for the Part 2--my journey to balik kampong ;)

u know u love me, xoxo


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