Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All About Men's Health

It came as a surprise that a sexy wolverine-like David Beckham will grace the cover and the back cover of the September issue of Men's Health, hitting newsstands August 12 (in America only la kan....), along with the back cover of the mag's Guide to Style insert.

Geez, bile la my face to be featured on the cover for Malaysia edition? I am tired of waiting la, Kenneth! Mind you, when Josiah Ng graced on the cover for Men's Health November issue last year, he actually did the photoshoot during the Olympics in Athens....and that was in 2004!!!!

Aiyo...kene tunggu that lame ke
, Mr. Editor?

Anyway, I was invited by Serena, the new Men's Health A&P manager replacing Mingle who moved to Female Magazine to the Refine & Define 2008 Final Party tomorrow at Bar Savanh Too at Mont Kiara.

Yeay, somebody is doing the job ;)

Three of my unimates are in the competition this year. They are non other than my best workout buddies in Melaka--Wong, Ke Yi and Victor.

I in fact was a participant in the same competition last year. The photo below will judge.

Though I did not win the Grand Prize award, I received these instead.

I dont really care about the Best Hair Groomed, tapi untuk Most Stylish alahai syahdunye....

Somehow, I terkejut la that I did not win the Grand know, they had 5 categories last year and I won 2 out of 5. Basically I grabbed the most category awards but heck the Grand Winner did not get any of the category prizes. Ala² Juara Lagu la.....tak ke terkedu Saripah Aini kalau dia menang Vokal Terbaik, Persembahan Terbaik, Juara Pop Rock....tibe² Juara Lagu, Syura yang menang? **Pengsan!

Anyway to Wong and Ke Yi and Victor, I hope you guys will get something la tomorrow night. If I can, why cannot you?

u know u love me, xoxo


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