Friday, August 22, 2008

Special Entry Untuk Orang KELANTAN

Hello Diary,

It’s been like eternity since I scribbled something on you. Now I am back writing. I am glad I can do this again, thankful to the Almighty that I still can breathe the air and still be a part of this world. Alhamdulillah…

I had a busy weekend last weekend. As I was given 4 days off for this month by my employer, I decided to choose last Friday and yesterday to make use of it. And yet, I still have another one day off, which I don’t plan to use it in the nearest time. I will tell more on my weekend in the next entries.

Anyway, I just want to dedicate this entry to a friend of mine, Kuntom, who recently married to his beau, Is.

Kuntom and I first met when we were in the 2nd year of degree, through a debate competition.

It was not so long, until he decided to move to Cyberjaya to take up his course in Entrepreneurship.

But we met again last year. He had to move to Melaka since the company, (TM), sent him over for a job. And we remained as housies until I returned to KL not so long ago.

Couple of months ago, I received this card. It is an invitation card to his wedding reception in Kelantan last week. I did not go, frankly speaking.

Yes, Kuntom is a proud Kelantanese.

And I ought to say that whenever someone introduced himself or herself as a Kelantanese, my mind will jump into ONE conclusion without more ado.

Bingo, I have to admit that I have mixed feelings towards people who came from Kelantan. I don’t mind what people want to say about me being so judgmental, they have the rights to say whatever they want to say, just like me.

You may remember Kuntom from this photo.

Though I did not attend his wedding last week, I managed to spike his engagement day earlier this year. I supposed I was the only one of his university mates that attended his engagement day.

Me, being fussy about taking up a coach to Kelantan that will cost about 12 hours per way from Melaka, I decided to fly instead, on Air Asia.

Yes, it was still on a coach, but slightly better. Hmm...only 11 hours and 10 minutes quicker from point-to-point. Duh~!

So, there you are, The Kuntom’s on the pelamin.

Selamat Penganten Baru. Dan yang pastinye, Selamat Berjimak.

And that was also my first time to eat ‘Taik Itek’, a local delicacy. Apparently not so taik-looking, and tasted good too, to my surprised.

There was a time when Kuntom, I and another housie, F, were looking for new people to rent the house. After all, there was an empty room since F and I shared a room together.

And F and I were making jokes that we should interview the people first before letting them come in. This is to avoid our house from looking like:

Wazzup wazzup, Zach at the Wakaf Che Yeh, y’all!

Oh how sarcastic!

U know u love me, xoxo


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