Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sing Air Pt. 1

Couple of days ago, I received a wake-up msg from William, my ex-uni mate, who was also my gym buddy in Melaka.

It was a fairly weird msg, since he urged me to take up a job interview that will be held in town, very soon. My mind was in a shilly-shally state, that I truly uncertain with the suggested idea.

And the job interview he suggested me to go is for the Singapore Airlines (IATA=SQ, ICAO=SIA) Cabin Crew.

Yes, a job interview to hire SIA's new Cabin Crew (also known as Flight Attendant (FA), steward/ess, pramugara/i, depends on what you call it).

Me working as a cabin crew?

My initial thought was 'nah.....I don't fit the bills, it's a bad idea lah'. You know lah, I have 2 minor scars on my face--one on my upper right cheek and one on my foreskin forehead. **Screw u chicken pox!

And we are talking about cabin crew for SIA, the most profitable company in Asia, not for the no-frills Air Asia or Tiger Airways. I may have a strong resumé, but I don't have the guts la because of the scars and the ungraceful me. Tau la kan, pramugara/i tu, muke they all time marah ke, senyum ke, still akan maintain sama. And aku pulak, kalo senyum still look OK, kalau marah .......
I can't imagine myself serving those demanding Arabs in the cabin.

But guess what.....I will still be going to the interview. We'll see la if laku (not) aku ni. haha

Yes, education is very important. It will take me from the small circle to the big one (i'Allah)

u know u love me, xoxo


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