Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Week.....

Dear Diary,

I truly had fun last weekend. I managed to watch 3 movies that I was dying to see for months! The movies are
  1. Jumanji (starring Kirsten Dunst)
  2. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, that was released on the same year I was born
I also went for a job interview last Saturday and was in town again, on Sunday to run few errands. I was alone, like always :(
I had my hair cut on Saturday evening. Man, it had been like ages since I last went to 'Mamak' to get my hair trimmed and all. To be exact, I last went to Mamak in year 1996, when I was a super senior in my elementary school! That was 12 years ago!

The reason is, giving it 3 years I stayed at boarding school until 1999, followed by 2 years of free hair cut from my elder brother (since he own that hair machine, and I hate the look anyway), and the rest of the remaining 12 years I frequented a salon shop in Melaka. And now, since I don't live in the historical state of Melaka anymore, nak tak nak, kene la carik a new alternative.

And I found one! Located at Jalan Kuari in Cheras, this small shop is running by 2 mamaks.
And the rate is dirty cheap too, for RM 9, I got a nice hair cut that I like a lot, plus a complimentary shoulder massage and also, a BACK massage.
I didn't know mamaks these days ade offer such package--hair cut and massages!

As soon as I finished everything, I dashed to the bus stop to catch a bus ride home and I found these 2 advertisments pasted on the ceiling of the bus stop. **typical local attitudes! But what actually caught my eyes was what written in one of the papers.

Look at the pic below, and do let me know if you could find anything funny?

I was at KLCC on Sunday. And I bought these:

The latest Men's Health magazine, August issue.

Well, 3 of my good friends are in the competition. Will tell more tomorrow.

And I also bought this one.

I am a big fan of Dr. M. He is my icon ;)

Also went to take a pssport photo. I dont recommend this photoshop below. (malas nak taip)


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