Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last Weekend....

Dear Diary,

Good morning. I had a nice weekend last week. I was well-rested, maybe a little bit busy on Saturday, but that is another story. Well lets calculate, I took a half day off on Thursday, and I was given a day off on Friday, so basically it was a looong weekend for me!

And I was be able to watched 5 DVDs the whole 3.5 days off! Literally, I hooked up with these:

My Mom's New Boyfriend (starring by Antonio Banderas)
- Mad Money (Katie Holmes and Queen Latifah yang maha sehat)
I Think I Love My Wife (Chris Rock)
Music and Lyrics (Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymoore)
St Trinians (starring Rupert Everett yang homo, and Colin Firth yang belakon Love Actually yang proposed the Portuguese girl tu, if you still remember?) Frankly speaking, I hardly understood the very first 10 minutes of the movie. It was in heavy Brit accent but still, you got my recommendation for this one

And last Saturday, as some of you might already know, I went for a job interview at Park Royal Hotel located at Jalan Sultan Ismail in KL.
Singapore Airlines was looking for new FAs. Read this.

That was my first job interview that I attended. I was called for an interview last June, but I did not turn up since I was mentally mentally to be bombarded with questions and stuffs. Plus, I did not have my academic transcript handy at that time. I supposed that was a good excuse?

I woke up early last Saturday. My parents especially my mak did not like the idea of me becoming a FA. What exactly she had in mind with the job was it is basically not for degree holders, like me. And, she believed that a routine for FAs are to greet passengers at doors, serve them food and drinks and clean up the loo every hour and attend the passengers needs ONLY, no career advancements. The other words best described the job is First Class P*******s!
But I did my research. I browsed this almost everyday for the past 2 weeks! And more or less, what my mak said is true!
The job is based on 5 years contract, and after I finish the contract, my degree will be worthless, u know…TAK LAKU!
It will be a huge risk that I have to take since I will have to remain in the same field after the contract finishes! Please correct me if I am wrong. I could prolly be a ground service staff, not a FA anymore, after that 5 years, but that is none of my intentions!

In fact, 22 years ago, my elder sister was one of mills hopeful Malaysian girls that made it to be in the final selection of MAS cabin crew, but …bak cakap orang Melayu, dia tak ade rezeki. Its ok ladia cakap kalo jadi FA dulu, maybe sampai sekarang dia tak smayang etc. Maybe ni lah yang dipanggil restu mak. Her case and my case is similar la, mak tak bagi, but we were stubborn. The only difference is my sister dapat ke stage 1-to-1 intervew, but I tak dapat.
Well, I did not know that my sister was a hot chick back in the 80’s. haha!

The interview started at 9 in the morning, and I was 40 mins late only and guess what? There were almost a thousand of applicants in front of me in that 40 mins hiatus!

I was like OMG! I did not expect to see this!

Nonetheless, I was like in the heaven for that particular 4 hours spent at the venue. Well I will not say every, but ALMOST everyone looked very nice! The girls were very pretty, and intelligent and sophisticated looking and the bois looked very charming. Everyone wanted to be seen in their own ways (including me)!

Some of them really played hard, and some just couldn’t care less of what’s coming up.
On the other hand, I was the one who stood in the middle of the groups; I acted cool and remained reserved.

Funny thing actually, I had also seen few strange moments during the interview. Some people were totally unprepared (I mean REALLY unprepared).

There was an old guy in my group where I learned to be 37 this year, asking me whether neck-tie is a must? I was like WTF?
Can you imagine how could some people be so ignorance and not knowing that?
Guys, depending on the job, but in most of the cases, the jacket is OPTIONAL but the neck-tie is a MUST.
Dear old guy, you should’ve known that before you come!

Aiyo…dah tua pon tak tau lagi ke etiquette interview?

And as for the ladies, ade yang pakai flat! And my first impression was, ‘Ko nak pegi pasar malam Bukit Baru ke?’. And bile tanye dulu study mane, dia ckp ____! Ha! Not surprised!

I am not saying that I am your perfect-looking guy, I ain’t one, and no one is, but ade jugak yang pakai baju kurung. Well, kalau kebaya Nyonya that is an exception la since stewardess pon pakai kebaya. But a freaking baju kurung untuk cabin crew interview? You must be fckin kidding me. Come on la girls, who ever read this and have the intention to go for the FA interview, the interviewers keen to see your skin, so please SHOW SOME SKIN. Not you in baju kurung! Kau bukan nak pergi interview jadi kerani kat Angkasapuri, are you?

And ade je la lagi. Yang tempang la, yang jalan terkengkang la, yang style ala² Avril Lavigne la (mini skirts and knee-length boots)…ape ko nak pegi KTV kat Jalan Loke Yew?

So the journey continued. We were called by a group of 10. And dalam group tu ade one cabin crew MAS. A good looking Chinese, but he didn’t make it too, just like me.

We basically were asked where our dream destination is. And the MAS guy said San Fran. He explained a bit why, and I really liked his idea.

And the guy beside me said Japan.

And the 37-year old guy I mentioned above said Amsterdam, his reason was ‘I can do so many things there’. Again, I was like WTF? Are you saying you can’t do things here? Kalau nak jalan² naked to KLCC of koz la not, but the answer he gave was so a bimbo answer!

And there was one pondan in my group. He said ‘My dream country is Paris, because I like fashion’. OMG OMG. Yet another bimbo. Paris is not a country. It is the capital city of France! France is the country. Aiyooo……macam² kes la.

And when it came to my turn, I was like fck! Me being me, who is always seeking something different from the others, all I wanted to say was Barcelona, because I know there are lots of things to see and learn from the Hispanic city. In my opinion, the city stood up than any other cities in the world, cultural-wise! But I was very unsure if Singapore Airlines is still flying to the city (you know, some of the routes were ceased due to its unprofitable market and less demand, just like Singapore--Las Vegas vv). So I was thinking about Vancouver, and yet I tak sure jugak!
Nak cakap Buenos Aires, I rase MAS je the only carrier from the region that flies there.

To play safe, I said Heathrow in London. I know its classic-lame answer. So I explain la London is the capital of the world. Almost every country in the world ade native dia kat London…..sampai la ke Oxford Street la, melting pot la, 000’s of accents la, anthropology laa (wot?)….etc.
Sampai the guy who sat beside me tepuk my laps saying, ‘man, they look very impressed. You did a great job’. I was haaa!!!!

Tapi apakan daya…..stage 2 tak lepas. I will not go into details about the second stage and please don’t ask. Ha!

I was so frustrated, I put a high hope I guess, despite the fact that I knew at the very beginning I will not make it due to the scars on my face. Perhaps it is the sole reason I was not selected, eh?

But hey, congratulations to all selected applicants that made it to the next round. Bear in mind that they will still need to undergo for another selection, which is the swimming test, not in a 6ft deep pool, but in the one with 6m depth. Read: SIX METRES!
And that is equivalent to 2 storey building!

So, I decided to walk to Pavilion, in order to ease my mind after a mind boggling noon, as well as to grab a bite or two.

my turn for the interview

And I had these for lunch:

A very sinful indulgence—a Double Cheeseburger from McD, half dozen of J.Co Donuts and a Caramel Frappucino with whipped cream from S’bucks (and a gweilo, Ryan Seacrest actually!) The punishments: 2 hours on treadmill, 1 hour on rowing machine, 1 hour dip, 1 hour lunges, 1 hour BodyCombat and 1 hour BodyJam!

ari ujan

It was raining that Saturday evening, so I stayed in for about 5 hours until the rain stopped and I saw these 2 gorgeous horses outside the mall. I didn’t realize any when I got in.

And it reminded me to these bulls, indeed:

Pikir2 balik, berani mati aku pakai seluar sependek ni keluar ke town?

Holland Day’s in Melaka.

u know u love me, xoxo

ps: Malaysia Airlines didn't win the Skytrax's Best Cabin Crew award this year. How sad... Click here


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