Friday, August 01, 2008

Slow Service at Pizza Hut

Couple of weeks ago, my fellow colleagues and I went to Pizza Hut at The Mall for our lunch. That was not our first time having a meal there, in fact, I couly prolly tell that we are what we called the 'frequenter' to the chain restaurant.

But gosh, the service was so slow that day. Very² slow until I got so upset and mad. And I gave the captain this look.

"where is my ______ piit~zuh?"

And guess what? Boleh tak dia yelled her worker exactly behind my right ear!? So fckin annoying! I felt like to slap that B!

And what more, one of my colleagues got the wrong plate. Basically, ade je here-and-there. We'll see the next time we are there.


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