Thursday, August 21, 2008

Survey 12

[1.] Have you ever fallen in the toilet when you were little?
-nah, i cant recall that

[2.] Do you know anybody who is having a baby?

- nope

[3.] Who are you IMing right at this moment?

- no one

[4.] Where was your default picture taken?

- at Yuyu's reception held at the World Trade Centre last year

[5.] Is your bedroom clean?
- 'very' clean

[6.] How about your car?

- i dont have one, yet!

[7.] Have you ever had a brush with the law?
- yes, once.

[8.] You just got hired to create new sundaes.. what do you make?

- mochadamia (mocha and macadamia flavor. u dont steal my idea ok!)

[10.] What are you listening to right now?

- Madonna - 4 Minutes, old song, i know

[11.] Who was your best friend in 5th grade?

- no one in particular..i made friends with everybody

[12.] Do you get seasick?

- nope

[13.] How about carsick?

- what? no

[14.] What is your favorite breakfast item?
- a cup of coffee (not the instant one), one apple, one carrot, a bowl of oat, 3 white eggs and plain water

[15.] Do you sleep with any stuffed animals?
- no, i do the stuffed ;)

[16.] Does anybody hate you?

- like i care...

[17.] What is your favorite beverage of choice?

- low fat double shot iced latte, iced water

[18.] Are you overweight?

- my BMI is the most ideal that someone could ever ask for

[19.] What was the first Beanie Baby you ever got?

- never got one..

[20.] Do you remember the first CD's you ever got?

- Backstreet Boys - Live in Concert at Madison Square Garden

[21.] What is your favorite number?

- i dont have a fav no.

[22.] Who is your favorite Oldies band?
- Wham (bole consider oldies ke?)

[23.] Are you a good student?

- I was a 'rebelicious' student. haha

[24.] Do you subscribe to any magazines?

- yes, Men's Health magazine

[25.] Can you keep a spoon on your nose?

- wtf?

[26.] What is your favorite farm animal?

- i like cocks. haha

[27.] Do you lie to your parents in order to get your way?

- somehow, sometime, somewhat I had to laa...dulu only

[28.] Do you like to play Monopoly?

- not so

[20.] What is your favorite type of chocolate?

- chocklit with nuts, i LOVE nuts...haha

[30.] Have you ever been to the club? Which one(s)?

- i am a kaki la, its too many to list all

[31.] What is your favorite restaurant

- there's a restaurant located on top of Victoria Peak in HK that i fancy very much. I like the ambiance, the crowd, the outside view overlooking HK Harbour, the background music and the food of koz (what, half a dozen of chicken satay will set you back HKD400, or approx RM200). other than that, local mamak's will do too

[32.] Do you prefer fried or roasted chicken?

- any oso can (say it like u speak to Phua Chu Kang)

[33.] Do you like your coffee hot or iced?
- iced

[34.] Do you remember which band Flavor Flav came from?

- i dont think i have heard that band before

[35.] What does your name mean?

- ooopss..

[36.] What internet provider do you use?
- ntah, Im in the office after all

[37.] Broccoli, potatoes, or corn on the cob.. which one do you choose?

- boiled broccoli, jacket potatoes, and raw corn. i like all

[38.] What is your desktop background?

- me and a bunch of girlpals at a wedding reception

[39.] Do you have a significant other?

- no, i am still waiting

[40.] What is the wallpaper on your phone?

- no wallpaper

[41.] Have you ever stayed overnight in the hospital?

- yes, I was admitted into the ward twice. the first when i was 13 for the appendix operation and the last when i was 21 for the dengue fever. I am thankful that I am still alive!

[42.] What size bra do you wear?

- i dont do bra

[43.] Do you drive an automatic or a standard?

- i can do both

[44.] Do you have a ceiling fan in your room?
- yes

[45.] What color is the floor in your bedroom?

- brown?

[46.] What kind of car does your mom drive?

- my mom cannot drive laa

[47.] What is the best kind of donut?

- any will do, no preference

[48.] Who was your favorite Sesame Street character?

- i dont watch SS laaa

[49.] What about Muppet?

- no muppet pls

[50.] How was this survey?

- brilliant!


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