Monday, July 06, 2009


Fellow readers,


I am just not sure how can I explain this to you.

I received an SMS last night from a friend saying that my name is in the Convo List this year. (pls dont ask me how on earth can I not be aware of this).

I did check the online system, it is true. Yes, my name is in the list. OK, I was happy.

Then I realized that the Convocation Day will be on the 10th of August, which means in less than a month from this date.

So, I went to the Rostering Department this afternoon, just to check if I can appeal for my Convo leave since the black out date to apply leave for next month is June 30....err..which was 2 weeks ago!

And guess what? I am rostered for the Airbus Conversion Class from 3-24 August, and I just cannot take leave in that period! I cannot believe that!

So, how now? Don't you feel headache, hearthache if you were in my shoes!!!

OK, not that I like to use vulgar words here, but sh*t....I am sooo fckin not in the mood for anything now.

**Can somebody please give me a gun now!


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