Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Gift From Hermes Paris, A Gift From Victoria's Secret

***Vuoi un drink?

Hola peeps,

Get ready with you torrent seed tracker. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009 will be officially aired on the CBS tomorrow (Dec 1, 2009), so people in Malaysia, we can expect the torrent seeds from Dec 2 evening time.

I personally can't wait.

This would be the very FIRST Victoria's Secret show featuring an ASIAN 'angel' on the runway, Liu Wen.

Other highlight is, Heidi Klum is back on the runway after giving birth just 6 FREAKING WEEKS AGO!! (ape mampu ko tak abes pantang lagi body dah cun balik siap buat catwalk lepas tu?).\

Not to forget the live performance by Black Eyed Peas. Woof!

U know u love me,

*** French for would you like a drink?


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