Thursday, May 14, 2009

Testing testing......

Testing testing.

'Good _____ once again, this is _____, testing PA from the aft cabin'. Ha!
Meroyan sekajap lama tak jadi steward. Lately selalu pulak duduk cabin.

Good day peeps,

How is everyone doing this weekend? Enjoying it?
Me myself just returned home from a work trip to Singapore. It's been like yearsss since I last stepped foot in the city. And I really had this weird feeling once I was in the city again.
It was a very short trip. Still, I enjoyed every second spent there.
(Dan flight ex-SIN tu penuh dengan pelancong² dari India. Memang ntah apa². Untuk flight yang setakat 50 minit tu, Passenger Call Button tu 'ting tong ting tong' for almost every 2 seconds. Paling mengarut request ialah mintak hot meal. Hak ena....kat Business Class pon serve sandwich je untuk SIN sector. Awak dok kat Economy banyak pulak demand. Senior crew cakap, flight ke Indian sectors macam itu. Ha! Early experience flight to Madras dah dapat dahh...)

I used to travel there almost every weekend before, or at least twice a month, when I was seeing this 'someone'. It was like a ritual already. I hopped on the next coach on Friday and back on Sunday. I did that for only-God-knows-how long is that!
I am not sure if this person whom I am referring to is reading this (prolly not), but I do hope that this 'someone' is doing fine, and that we get to meet each other again (and do coffee at Wheelock's Place, and go to New Asia Bar at Swissotel and more). I miss all that. Yes, I do.

Anyway, these photos below are the most recent ones that I snapped, using the new camera--Lumix LS15. But do not judge the camera based on the photos just yet since I am still familiarising with the features and user interface of the camera. They are totally different from my old IXUS. The photos below were taken few days after I purchased it, so I may not know how to use the camera yet.

As time goes by, when more and more photos coming in, then you may judge if the camera that I got at a bargain price of RM799 worthwhile for the quality of images produced.

Oh, and for this time, I did not put the typical zachba watermarks on the photos below. So, you may use them for your good deeds ;)

So now, I am presenting fellow colleagues and I.......those few who work together in the World's Best team. Yes, you read me right :)

Setiap hari pon saya dikelilingi gadis² yang maha cantik dan tak sombong.

Dan bukan senang nak amik gamba dengan pilot² tersinyum.......

.....dan juga diberi chance duduk kat cockpit bila kau seorang 'batang'.

U know u love me, xoxo

ps: Ramai juga VIP yang saya served 2-3 hari ini. Jumaat lepas ada Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil dan juga Khairy Jamaludin. Khairy cumalah duduk di Economy sahaja, fyi. Tapi memang benarlah kata kakakku yang dia segak dan macho seperti semasa bertemu di Pejabat Majlis Daerah Rembau tidak lama dulu (kata Khairy tu pon ADUN Rembau kan....). Hari ini, saya served Menteri Pengangkutan, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat dan jugak Dr. Fazley Asmara Ini. Masing² duduk di Business Class. Fazley seorang yang berwajah bersih, seolah² ada aura, datang bersama PA. Sempat jugalah buat PR yang tak seberapa ini. I am still learning after all.....


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