Saturday, May 09, 2009

Kucheng Trip Pt. 2

Dear Diary.

I am back! Back from a loong 'weekend'. I managed to meet up some friends for makan².
I met Shah on Thursday evening, and we went out for a dinner at this kedai maknyah. There were lots of maknyah. I cant recall where the place was, but it should be somewhere in Ampang area.

***(Fyi, makan means eat in Malay)

And on Friday, I met up with good makan²-and-shopping²-friends, Nadia and Betty. We went to Pyramid for some window shopping and then had a lunch at the Italiannies. It was my first time to eat there. Nadia as well. I will write my personal review of the place later on, OK?

And this afternoon, I received a very shocking news from Shah aka Boss whom I met on Thursday evening. He was admitted to the ICU, Ampang Puteri Hospital due to dengue fever. My Lord. I haven't get the time to visit him. I will try my very best to visit tomorrow after my work. Can you imagine, 2 ari lepas....dia OK. Gelak² together...and now dia kat ICU?
Pls get well soon sister... I was really speechless to know the news.

And to Nadia, my apologies that I could not accompany you to Kampung Pengantin for the wedding today. I just need to be prepared mentally and physically for work tomorrow. (Plus, aku kan dah gi situ.....LOL)

And below is the other part of my report of my recent trip to Kuching in Borneo.

So, we walked to the state musem from the hotel that could prolly cost us 20 sweaty minutes. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every step I made to the museum.

Signature pose, signature smile....what else? Oh yah....signature jeans. Ha!

In front of the Sarawak State Museum. How do you like the colonial style building? Me, loved it!
And I liked the lawn too.....

We arrived at the museum quite early actually.
Giving the fact that my travel buddy, F, who came down early to my room at 7.30 am (when we mutually agreed to meet at 8 am), we were running out of ideas where to head to. The museum was still closed at that time.

To kill the time that we had, we walked to the State Munument which is located just nearby.

And have you heard about Rentap before? I mean Rentap, bukan SENTAP, OK?

We had to climb up roughly about 50 steps to get to the monument.

And boy I am pissed with the photo above.

I like it here. Kucheng is a very clean city, compared to KK and KL.

And what the h*ll?

We also went to the Islamic Museum, located about 200 metres away from the Monument. Kuyup jugak la ketiak.

And before return to the hotel after visited the State Museum, we took a walk at the Riverside. And we rode on the boat........
We certainly had no ideas where the heck we wanted to go to, we naik the boat....just for the sake it was written in the travel guide that every tourist to Kucheng must at least ride on the boat at least once. Ha ha!

We paid RM 0.50 each for a ride that lasted less than a min.

Muke keriangan dapat naik boat. Pls notice that the boat did not offer the life jacket, so in case kalo ade buaya how? Sila jawab Tok Menteri Sarawak?! lucky we were then guided by some locals to Fort Margherita. At least tak la sia² naik boat kan...?

We just had to walk pass by this so-called kampung namely Kampung Boyan.
Memang je boyan yang duduk situ.

One thing I noticed about this particular tourist hotspot is, there were no proper signage to the Fort!

They just use this!

Again....what the h*ll kan? C'mon la........signage ke kenduri kahwin lagi meriah kan?

But duh~ I still enjoyed the visit. be continued.


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