Saturday, May 09, 2009

Kucheng Trip Pt. 3

Hey hey Diary (and all zachba readers),

I am back! Missing me? Guess not. LOL

I have just returned home from a flight to Kuantan. Oh, how much I loved the hotel in Kuantan :)

It was also my first time to be the 'stewardess' in the Business Class cabin. Not that I had not serve the business class pax before, but this one was truly my first stand-alone duty. There were no stewardess on board and of koz la Leading Steward kene pilih yang paling jambu nak letak kat business class kan. Jambu kah aku? Haha. Seriously ketaq lutut.

More over, I was in China over the weekend. It was another remarkable flight since it was my very first duty flight with the new aircraft--B738. Scary! The analogy is simple. Let's say you baru dapat lesen kereta, and all this while you've been driving Kancil, and only Kancil. And tiba², kene suruh drive a 12-seater van. Kan banyak benda yang beza. Nasib baik dapat colleagues yang helpful. Thanks to the Almighty sebab tolong kat situ. Alhamdulillah..

And rumors said my colleagues and I will be called up for the Airbus class in July. Ha! Duty kat smaller aircraft pon tak master lagi, still terkial², camne nak gi bigger aircraft pulak?
Anyway, fyi, kalau fly Airbus, lagi banyak la coverage--Beirut, Istanbul, Dubai, Incheon, Perth, Delhi, Shanghai etc which also means, bigger money :)

Anyway, this is the second last report of my first trip to Kuching.

So, I was at Fort Margherita. The fort smelled very² stink! Bau hapak macam bau buku² lama.

There was I, standing on the Fort with the new Sarawak State Parliament Building behind.

And the Rajang River, the longest river in Malaysia behind me.

I guess this is where the Britons executed those who opposed them during the British Colonial Era (?)....

....still I wanted to take a pic in front of the door.

Splendid one!

And that was the hotel where fellow colleagues and I being put--Kuching Hilton.

Later, we went to this stall located nearby for our lunch. We ate.......Mee Kolo. Needless to say, it was our first time to eat the food.

Seriously tasty! Ouh....tak tido malam pikir the mee.

And later, F and I did continue our sightseeing around Kuching town.
What a visit to Kuching without going to the famous Cat Statues. Yes, there are more than 3 statues in Kuching.

Boring kan pose ni? Heck I am a boring expect all boring things from me la kan. Haha be continued.


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