Saturday, December 27, 2008

Deutsche Doodle Dong


Not so long ago, my friend, Shah and I went to KLCC for our monthly ritual--shopping (how I wish I could have done this more often!).

It was a great day, we shared laughter and all....just like days before. And Shah is one of my bestie...since my first year in uni.

And to cut the story short, the mall was jam-packed with humans that day, shoulder to shoulder. But heck, I loved it. I love crowded place actually. Haha...

We were hungry and was looking for a cosy restaurant to grab something and get back to our shopping. But nehhh......full house in every restaurants.

So at last we decided to eat at the food court on Level 2.

I chose 1901 hotdog, it was my first time to eat their hotdog.

But shhisssh...I was very 'disturbed' with the advertisement, in a good way. Ha!

And I ordered this...

A set of Deutsche Doodle Dong!!

Very funny, neh, the name? It has a 7" hotdog served with whipped potato and OJ. OK OK, if you think the name is not funny, at least I do. Haha!

Oh Deutsche Dong, I enjoyed eating you very much!

It reminds me very much of something. Hmm...

And my friend. Shah ordered this. Aiyo...even merrier.

U know u love me, xoxo


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