Monday, December 08, 2008

Trinite Part 1

OK, everyone in the 'world' knows that The Ultimate Prom Night is over. Somehow I do wonder why on earth I would watch the TV program. Prolly I used to attend Prom Nights before, when I was in uni. The spirit of attending such event is still in me--the glam, the most talk about event in an academic year. Ha!

So, this entry is to show some of the photos taken during the last Prom Night I attended not so long ago. It was my third prom I attended to, with a bunch of friends, of course, like 2 years before.

And I must say the last one was the best one. Why? Simply because I was nominated as the Prom King kot.... plus it was held when I was in the limelight of joining the CLEO 50 EB. So basically I got 'that' stare from almost all girls in uni at that time. Weird stare. Hahaha [a vain claim]

And voila....let's take a look at some of the photos take , OK?

My girlpals to the event. Perasan ala² model Victoria's Secret before the show. Ha

The bed. With 3 dresses ;)

At the event, before going to the ballroom. O yeah, the prom was held at Equatorial Hotel, Melaka

O boi, I must admit that I lurrrrvee this photo. Casanova, neh?

Other colleagues

O yeah, I had to tango to in order for the crowd to choose the King and Queen. It was like America's Got Talent, where I was given 2 minutes to perform. And I chose to do tango with my partner. The song title was Asi Se Baila El Tango taken from OST Take The Lead starring by Antonia Banderas ;)

And f*cked, this couple yang menang? He sang a Robbie William song, with suara pecah, OK! O Lord, I think I lagi deserved to be the King lah :( Cannot tahan la

Another award for Best Dress. I was the only guy who was wearing all white in that ballroom of 1000 pax, and still tak menang. So malang :(
O btw, the event was hosted by Soo Kui Jien, Kenny Sia(o) and Stephanie Chai with 2 guest artistes: Estranged and Pop Shuvit


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