Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Dear Diary,

Today, I want to show some of the photos taken using my old Canon IXUS 700 that was snapped at the Pre-ICA Ceremony.

The event (a boring seminar attended by the veterans) was held at the Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman at Bukit Perdana off Jalan Datuk Onn (next to the Central Bank of Malaysia).

It was my first visit to the memorial. I learned many interesting things there. Dan fakta-fakta pelik yang saya ingat ialah (as I was told by the memorial keeper):
-setiap tengah hari Rabu, akan ada bau kari kepala ikan dengan belacan, the keeper cakap dulu² Tunku suka masak benda tu.
-setiap pagi Jumaat, surau memorial tu akan ada suara Tunku mengaji

Anyway, I am just not sure how true the facts are, but the keeper has been working there since almost 30 years ago!! Betol tak, Wallahualam...

Let the photos do the talking, OK?

Tunku's car. Actually bkan Tunku punye, tapi Tun Razak punye, Tunku's was broken into pieces, but at the same time Tun Razak had 2 of similar car so, Tunku pon take one from Tun.
Aiyo, very the vintage, very the me, OK? Haha

I am sure, Tunku mesti pernah touch this at least once, kan?

Promote, sket.

O yeah, it was that boring, OK?


U know u love me, xoxo

ps: nak tau more, please visit the memorial la kan.


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