Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My First Trip To Delhi

Dear Diary,

It's been long since I wanted to update the blog with the photos of my trip to India held recently.

How is everyone doing? I am doin' fabulous. I have just returned home from some shopping at my favorite mall in town, no other than KLCC :)

Oh yeah, I did some damage to the wallet today, and now I am broke. So, people, please feed me until end of next month, since I have no money left to buy food and all.... Ha!

Anyway, the air is filled with the smell of Raya festivities. I myself cannot wait for Hari Raya this Sunday. It will be the first Raya that I will give out 'duit Raya' to kids. Hmmm.....pokai lagi. It is truly the month of bankruptcy for me :p

Back to Delhi trip.

My trip was a short one, merely 3 days only but I had so much fun in Delhi, especially the shopping. Boi, really, I was in Bandung, I was in Bangkok, I was in almost every nook in the region but nowhere can compete Delhi in terms of shopping, in my humble opinion.

Aiyo...very the cheap la. You know, India is one of the largest textile manufacturer in the world, well..I hope you get my point.

On my first night in Delhi, few colleagues and I went to the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe, located nearby to the hotel we stay. I myself am not a big fan of HRC, at least for now. I was there just for the sake of buying some souvenirs, bukan sebab so-called nak menikmati hiburan di Delhi.

Aiyo, yang pergi clubbing kat Delhi semua jenis² pelakon Hindustan, really. Very good looking lah they all. Jauh beza dengan every-day-Indian people on the street.

The socio-economy in India
sangatlah jauh.....we are lucky to be living in Malaysia. Tak lah ikot kasta, dan yang kaya kat sini tu taklah jauh sangat dengan yang sederhana, tak macam di India. Yang kaya rumah macam Istana Negara kat KL, yang susah tu duduk dalam khemah kanvas A-frame je.

Later that night, we went for a supper at nearby McD. Look at the drinks holder below.

Actually, it is not as durable as the one in KL yang pakai plastic bag je. Yelah...air tu sejuk dengan ais, holder tu pulak made from paper, so, bile basah....senang la rabak.

And a scene at McD in India.

House fly, peeps!

And my catch from HRC.

And the newspaper from Delhi, put at the door knob.
I like the linen bag for the newspapers, tapi takde pulak gambar.

Meet my uncle?

On the next day, we continued the tour around Delhi town with the local trishaw called 'tuk²' (similar to those in Bangkok and Jakarta). One thing for sure, do bargain before taking a ride.

A tuk² generally can carry up to 5 passengers. 3 behind, and 2 in front. One at each side of the driver. Crazy neh? Believe it!

Our first pit stop was at Sarojini Market. Famous for its household items.

I LOVE that brick-and-mud wall.

Work hard, play harder and bargain 'hardest'! That's how I do things in life.

When you have so many shops to visit in so little time, this is how will it looks like. Try baju tengah jalan je OK.

Guess what, bende² lapik meja macam ni kat ASEANA dengan Ombak mahal nak mampos, kat sini they sell it for less than RM12 per set. Yes, per set. Too bad, rumah bujangku tiada dining table lagi.

And not to forget, a real scene just like those in Slumdog Millionaire.

And what I like most.

Buying postcards from places I visit.

And below are some of my other catch from Delhi.

The local version of Men's Health magazine. I am an avid reader of this magazine for ages (though I dont practice the exercise anymore due to lack of time)

Bagful of postcards. Haha!

And a fridge magnet from Taj Mahal.

I do have like tonnes of photos taken from Delhi, will try to upload more next time.

In the meantime, take care, be good and early Happy Hari Raya.

u know u love me, xoxo


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