Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lagi Lagi dan Lagi. Yeayyyy!!

Hey hey!!

I'm back! Back to my home base in KL. Been flying everywhere for the past 4 days. Now enjoying my off days before flying off to Beijing again, soon. Was so happy to received a letter from Men's Health magazine this evening. I know, when they send a letter, it must be a good one.

Do you still remember my Origins hamper? Read this for more info.

And guess what, after the Origins, dapat pulak letter nih.

Whoaaa.......sangat sesuai tatkala muka aku dah berkarat nih dapat pulak free facial treatment at 128 Faubourg, For Him. Harus la pegi treatment ala2 Raya dah dekat ni kan?

Thank you Men's Health Malaysia!


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