Sunday, August 29, 2010

Men's Health Malaysia 7th Anniversary Partay

Greetings everyone,

Hope this entry will finds you well :p (bunyik macam ramai sangat je yang baca blog gw nih).

How is the weekend so far? Enjoying it? Life in Kuala Lumpur is pretty mad now. The Mega Sale, the preparation for Raya and the super hot weather. Mad mad mad. But I kinda like it especially the mad 'scent' of Hari Raya that is lingering everywhere in Malaysia now. How I can't wait for Hari Raya to come, which falls on September 10, this year.

And as for my work schedule, I am blessed to be given an off day on Raya eve and also on the first day of Raya itself. Bingo!

It has been ages since MH put a bare-chested men on the cover. It was dull, until the Aug 2010 issue came out.

Enough of my pre-Raya agendas. Lets talk about the event I attended recently--The Men's Health Malaysia 7th Anniversary Party, held in KL.

I myself am an avid reader of this magazine for the past 5 years (I remember I was very skeptical to pick my first copy from the rack. It was weird)
I found the magazine to be very useful on helping me to be a better person--physically, mentally, financially and sense of fashion (?).

And just recently, the magazine threw its b-day party in downtown of KL, that was also in conjunction with the Refine & Define Challenge FInale Party. I was one of the contestant in the very first cycle, in year 2007 so I was one of the so-called VIP on that night. Kind of :p
It is a challenge whereby they pick up ordinary people, and transform them for a better person with loads of classes thrown to them to attend. To name a few, diving and dancing.

Free drinks throughout the night.

The event was held at Luna Bar. To be honest, it was my first visit to the Bar. Heard about it so often. Location-wise, it's a winning!

Maple Loo. Awesome!

Fashion show. Lame.

The whole night was great. Except that I felt it was a brief one. Sangat sekejap. Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves a lot (sangat banyak kupon :) )

And to all the winners, Congratulations. I certainly am looking forward for more surprises from Men's Health.



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