Monday, August 09, 2010

It Is $¢ar¥

Dear Diary,

I have a confession to make. I am 'sick'.

I don't know what are the causes of the 'sickness'. But what I know is I have a mixed feelings about it. Sometime it makes me happy, but often the case it does not. It is weird, I know.

It is about my purchasing power. I just realized that I shop a lot these few months. I tend to (over)spend for things I don't actually need.

Today, I was in town again with a good buddy. The initial plan was to meet up for a dinner at a Japanese restaurant. So we met, and we dined. And the evening went by until we found out ourselves in the mall again, doing some shopping. And I got what I want.
As soon as I reached home, and opened the wardrobe.....all I can see is a MASSIVE stack of newly purchased items that are still in the paper/plastic bags. Among the items are 20 plus pairs of new undies (excluding the 5 that I bought today!), more than 10 new shirts, 4 pairs of new jeans, 3 pairs of moccasins.....and what's not that I didn't see in the wardrobe just now. They are all new, all virgins, all are still un-worn!!!!

This is insane!!!

Geez.....I know I gotta stop this. But how?? Shopping is like the next best thing after sex and I hate to say this but it really is a great great great therapy.

Yet, I am planning to purchase the L'occitane toiletries kit that I saw today, next week. Baru dapat Origins, kot......

Dear Almighty, please give me the strength and the will to stop this 'war'. It is scary.


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