Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sixth Ramadhan


So where did I break fast this Ramadhan? Let's check.

1st day--at the airport
2nd day--in the airplane, somewhere 33,000 ft in the sky
3rd day--at home with my flatmate
4th day--in Seoul with colleagues (note: SANGAT HAZAPPP!))
5th day--at parent's place
6th day--at a Japanese Restaurant called Sakae Sushi

So yeah, I was at Sakae Sushi yesterday with Luna. It was our first time there. None of us into Japanese food very much. After all, not everyone can eat Japanese food, betol tak? So we gave it a try since we pass by the restaurant pretty often on our way to our fav cafe there (see, we both are soooo eligible to be the faces of Pavilion KL). To our surprise, the food there was really GOOD.

So yesterday, we had these.

Fried Maki. To be frank, I had no idea what Maki is until I got the first bite. It was deep fried rice cake with seaweed. Sangat sedap (untuk standard orang puasa). Tapi mahal. RM 3.90 per 2 cakes. OK OK, aku sangat kedekut actually.

Our meal set. I had beef teriyaki and Luna had grilled 'ewwyy' eel. The beef was flavorful. Very nice. Inside the bento set, there were Japanese rice, tofu, steamed egg and soba soup.

And our dessert, ice cream in Moschi skin. Deliciously scorching!

We kinda agreed yesterday that from now on, on every visit to Pavilion, we will include a side visit to a new restaurant we never been to. And dear PV management, please put this into a serious consideration. We both been very loyal to your mall. Prolly you could appoint us to become your ambassadors, at least for the F&B department? LOL

U know u love me,


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