Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Court Complex

Hola Blog,

Been a few days since I last tapped something on you. I miss you so. I was actually blocked to surf you by the IT people at my office. Jealous people are everywhere....

Anyway, I managed to snap some photos during my one and only visit to KL Court Complex not so long ago. I was there with some colleagues for our lunch. Weird heh? You went to another office building for some luncheon.

The grand entrance. The message is very clear!

My colleagues and I

A group of moron people. They smoked exactly in front of the message board!

And it is the Wilayah Mosque standing opposite to the complex.

....and the MATRADE building on the left side of the court.
...ta Court Complex. Ntah bile nak datang lg

And the photos taken at the surrounding area of my office.


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