Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Friday Last Week, Sept 12. 2008

Guten Tag and Shalom,

This is another delayed entry. Well, I have like tonnes of photos taken recently (especially from my latest postcard collection) queuing to be uploaded in this blog of mine.

Anyway, how are you peeps? I am just doing great! It's Friday today and I am now looking forward for the weekend.

These photos below are basically the 'wrap-up' of my Friday last week. Quite an eventful one ;)

I got up early to get my hair cut, and drove to this barber shop. I was amazed when the shop apparently painted in slightly dark pink color which I think look a bit unusual. Hmm......Mind you, it's not a fancy saloon. Just a small Indian barber shop.


As soon as I finished, I rushed to the post office, in order to mail these parcels, as well as to buy the new collection of stamp--the National Art Gallery collection.

You can actually tell that I spent a fortune on the stamps.

And the nice stamps.

At 3'ish, I took the train to KLCC. My plan was to break fast with Mohai, F1 and F2 at any Japanese restaurant located at Level 4. But my goodness, almost every restaurants in the mall were fully-booked for the break fast, including Madam Kwan's and Penang Little Cafe.

So, we decided to go down, to the Concourse Level, and voila, we found the place we want to eat, at Nando's Chicken. Not really my preference, but that was the only place that were still empty to accomodate the 4 of us.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ;)

And F2 were making some drama's with the ketchup holder. Dang!

Lihatlah donia...

So basically, we opted for the Ramadhan set, which cost each of us RM 25.78 to be exact. Among the menu included in the set:

A muffin for each of us. It looked ugly, but tasted really nice ;)

Our starter, consisting of blackpepper chicken bratwurst, potato wedges and salad and it came with thousand island dressing.

The wedges.

The dressing.

Unfortunately, I must say I did not like the salad. It was not fresh!

And free-flow of soft drinks.

And it's me la, who else? How do you like my red bib? Bib? Hahahaha

The rice.

Another bowl of salads.

And a bowl of coleslow.

The french fries.

And guess what? The day was like a mini reunion for me and fellow ex-MMU students where I also met Zana and bf, and Noly too!

Seriously my dear Noly, you looked like perempuan Jawe tengah dalam pantang. You look a lot nicer with some colors on your face ;)

And you may remember Noly from these 2 photos below. They were taken at our annual university Prom Nite, year 2006.

Yeah, there you go. The Greek goddess from Acropolys.

...and the do.

That is all.

u know u love me, xoxo


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