Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ramadhan Special 9: Raya/Eid Deco

I know it is not the worst thing that can happen in life but we are starting to count the days to the Hari Raya (or Eid Mubarak in English) this Oct 1.
***to all foreign readers, Hari Raya is the day when we Malaysians celebrate after a month of fasting in the holy month of Ramadhan in the Muslim calendar.

Mid Valley Megamall. Still look unfinished when I snapped this on Sept 11.

I dont know what is going on with the management, but the deco at the Suria KLCC is rather sucky this year.

The splendid view of the Petronas Twin Tower from the inside of the mall.

And not to be missed the deco at the Cempaka LRT train station.

u know u love me, xoxo


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