Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The RM 511,616.95 Hermès Crocodile Peacoat

This is without a doubt the most extravagant men's item for fall (or any other season, for that matter): a RM 511,616.95 (equiv. USD 150,000) peacoat from Hermès made entirely of crocodile skin. The ultra-luxe interpretation of a menswear classic, which originated with European navies some 250 years ago, was produced by Hermès men's designer Véronique Nichanian for the famed fashion house's Fall / Winter 2008-09 collection. The Hermès flagship store on Manhattan's Upper East Side (u know u love me, xoxo) just received two of them, in navy blue; other colors may be special ordered for delivery in 3-4 months!!


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