Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ramadhan Special 14: Raya /Eid Photos

DISCLAIMER: Entry is in Manglish, the localized version of English Language.
Dear Diary,

Hari Raya is getting closer. I am jumping and jumping of excitement to celebrate the day. This is the day that I am (and I'm sure everyone else too) looking forward after almost a month of fasting in the holy month of Ramadhan.

InsyaAllah, we Malaysians will celebrate the day this Wednesday, Oct 1.

I myself will be going back to my kampong, located in Negri Sembilan. Yes, I am a Negri's, just in case if you are curious.

Anyway, just to share, some of the photos from my Hari Raya/Eid Mubarak Year 2007 collection.

Raya eve. I looked fit at this time.

Pagi Raya, so syahdu, so suci...

and my nephew, so sepet la this one. Very different from the rest in my family. pocket dah penuh dgn angpoi when I snapped the photo. ;)

and another nephew.

My elder sister, and her family

Secantik-cantik banglo di Kenny Hill, cantik lagi rumah kampong.

Colorful, ne?

My other nephews..

My fav Raya cookies, the rolled pineapple tarts. I can forget the rest on the table, if kuih ni ade skali.

Beef rendang, I like :)

..and main mercun is a must during Hari Raya.

The young at heart. HAhahaha

Dear all sekutu2 syirikku, there is no excuse for the mistakes I have done over the years, and believe me, I've come out with some good ones. Ampun Tuanku. And kalo u nak anta SMS raya, please dont send me the pantuns. I really appreciate kalo ko come out something yang plain, truthful and sincere. Selamat Hari Raya. Have a fantastic day of celebration, family, friends and new beginnings.

Lotsa whatever,

ps: I will not be able to update my blog until I return to KL only on Sept 5. Keep 'em comin'. And btw, I am turning 21 tomorrow, Sept 21. It seems like another lonely bday this year ;(


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