Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Countdown To 21st Bday ;)

I am counting days to my 21st Bday this coming Sept 28 (next Sunday).

I am not expecting fancy stuffs from friends and family, because I never get any.

These photos below were taken at a small gathering during my bday last year. And it fell on the holy Ramadhan, I supposed this year is my 4th year celebrating the bday during the fasting month, which means no cakes, no parties just plain dull get-together with friends.

Sounds pathetic, heh?

Anyway, enjoy the drama.....

I must admit that I like my look at this time. I looked fit, and ready for a commercial job. But now....

Lynn, My and Ethan...where art thou? I miss our Madam Kwan's and Starbucks moments together.


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