Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ramadhan Special 13: Taman Warisan Pertanian Putrajaya

....or Putrajaya Agricultural Park, in English.

Dear Diary,

I had the chance to visit this park not so long ago. I went there with a colleague--Fendi, and his wifey. It was my first time there, in fact, I did not know the existence of this park before!

It was an after-working-hour trip, so it was just sit-and-go, if u know what I mean. I did not get the chance to visit around, but hey, I managed to snapped these photos below.

I had an early dinner at Fendi's place before we go to the park, and seriously tho, have u seen a knee-length Durian? My goodness, it was so big...and I just lost words how to describe the size!!!

The entrance to the park.

Another feast, after our gigantic kenduri durian ;)
I had chicken satay, fresh coconut juice and Roti John, or Long John bread. Sounds funny, ne?

Kabau baik, lahabau!

My o my, I must admit it's been like years since I last nampak this kerosene lamp.

I like this local fruit la, the pulasan. But how come susah sgt nak carik this fruit in KL, heh?

....and I like this fragrant jack fruit too, or what we call is as Cempedak in Malay.

.....and another durian, tapi ini tak beli laa...

And I also found this break fast promo. Funny thing actually that....

What the fck?? What exactly are they trying to show? Catfish plus bunga kantan plus durian altogether in one big kawah? Ko nak masak ape? So ridiculous la!

...and you claim iklan bukak poser, but thenagain why this bloody mat saleh yang ko letak dlm iklan?

u know u love me, xoxo


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