Thursday, September 04, 2008

Eid SMS's

Short talk

Chris, the guy who was in the same group as me at the Malaysia Airlines final stage FA interview, called me thrice the other day. His application was unsuccessful. So do Zizan, the one I said who looked like the Malay actor, Zizan Nin. Now the question is will I be chosen? I still have not get the confirmation from the company! I must say that I am not so optimist of getting the job. The reasons are ‘noticeable’—the minor scar on my face (again) which was not visible enough but my silliness brought me to a confession to the interviewers during the grooming test (scar is a no-no in this job), and my board-meeting- facial expressions on the final stage interview. Read all here (LINK). On the other had, I also like to think that I do have the qualities that put me first in the lineup. First, being a debater ever since I was in primary school, I simply know how to speak and do the sweet talk. And during the 2-days interview I was told 5 times that people like my accent! Maybe a bit here-and-there on my grammar but hey, I was surprised and overwhelmed with the response actually. Other reason is, being a lucky guy, I was selected to join 2 major competitions in town (CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor 2008 and Men’s Health Refine & Define), so I know how to distinguish myself and show the persona. And I do believe I had made myself likeable to their eyes. So, all in all, no one can really tells, if I get the job. Some girls that I know were already called up for their medical check-up. The folks always say: rezeki, ajal maut & jodoh kat tangan Tuhan, so, aku terima apa jawapan yang datang…


Dear Diary,

Weekend is here again. It should be an off day for me today (Friday), but I was called for a presentation this morning. I will carry forward the off-day to next Monday. I am glad that the presentation went well. The supreme loved the project we are doing now. Many thanks to Datuk & Datin for helping our group.

Malas nak taip panjang, I just want to remind those who read this, please do not send this kind of SMS's to me this festive season. So tak larat. Where is the personal's touch when you just copy and forward the pantun's to everyone in your phoneboook?

Laungan takbir bergema di pagi hari,
Memecah sunyi keriangan diseri,
SMS pengganti kad raya dan diri,
Bukan lupakan tradisi, tapi ikut teknologi di hujung jari.

Before the day ends,
Before the battery dies,
Before the operators get busy,
Before the the SMS get jam,
Wish you Selamat Hari Raya.

Rumah dihias bagai istana,
Buat persiapan di hari raya,
Jariku susun maaf ku pinta,
SMS ku hantar pengganti kad raya.

Mata kadang-kadang salah melihat,
Mulut kadang-kadang salah terucap,
Hati kadang-kadang salah menduga,
Mohon maafkan segala silap yang asti ada.

Pelita indah lagi berseri,
Menjadi hiasan di Aidilfitri,
SMS dikirim pengganti diri,
Tanda ingatan tak layu di hati.

Anak ayam pasang pelita,
Kucing ketawa bagai nak gila,
Ayam dan kucing tu takde kene mengena,
Saja nak ucap Selamat Hari Raya.

Paling tak larat
.....this pantun SMS below:

Anak Pak Dollah makan lepat,
Makan lepat sambil melompat,
Nak hantar kad raye takut tak sempat,
Pakai SMS pon OK what??

It is abso-fckn-lutely not OK! Yes, SMS could be an easy way to wish everyone this coming Raya but are killing the tradition! You may call me an old-fashioned fella but nah...I do not have time to read such SMS's. I might give a glance, but I do not bother to keep it.

I still prefer this method, anyway ;)

Kad Raya, people!

u know u love me, xoxo


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