Monday, September 29, 2008


Dear Diary,

Its been more than a week since I last 'fully utilized' you. I am very very upset now. My laptop is giving me a whole lot problems, so do my PC. FCK!!!!

And today, I went to the ACER center located in Times Square to repair the shyt (the problems, not the laptop) and guess what? It cost me a BOMB to do that!!!

You know, I'm about to receive my paycheck soon, and now what? There are so many things yang nak duit--the laptop, the PC etc etc. So heartache!!

And how on earth am I going to update this diary of mine, kalo takde laptop?

Anyway, just enjoy the pics below. Credit to Ana in Shanghai ;)

I will update my Raya photos soon, if and only if my PC could be OK. Else, memang la menangis semua gambar ilang!!


ps: guess where I am now? At MATIC!! Tourism Malaysia Information Center at Jalan Ampang. So you can see how desperate I am now for the internet!! And I only have 20 mins to update everything including to check my emails etc etc!



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