Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Beck, Again...

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Dear Diary,

I am glad to be back again. I am very sorry for the delay. I was extremely busy past few days, with work, of course.

It is cloudy outside. Nice weather actually. Not so hot and humid, just nice.

Anyway, this is another I-wish-to-upload-and-update-the-photos-in-my-blog-for-so-long.
It has been more than 2 months actually since I snapped these photos.

I was at Times Bookstore at Pavilion last August where I found the Men's Health Magazine with David B. on the cover. I gotta be frank that I actually did not know that the American version of MH are available in Malaysia. And it is just MYR 19.40, almost 10 Ringgit more than the local version.

I did not buy the mag tho ;p

And yes, David B was almost on every pages of the mag!

Geez. How great to be David B.?

And guess what? As I was flipping the magazine, I saw this ad. It is an underwear adv actually, called 'Papi'.

I was like... 'Holy sh*t' when I saw the ad. Why? Just look at the pic below.

What do you mean papi when there is no bulge? If you cut the photo into 2, and show the yellow undie to me without the body and the face of the guy, without hesitate aku bole cakap iklan Victoria's Secret!
Well, a papi should have a big bulge, heh? Like the photo below.

AA size

Nelly for Sean John underwear line. AAA size.

u know u love me, xoxo


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