Monday, November 24, 2008

Kisah Si Hawa Hidong Merah

Dear Diary,

I was watching Nona on TV3 yesterday (OK, there is nothing wrong for me to watch that TV program, kan?) and I saw this very familiar face, on a slot of the program. I was like WTF?

Hawa was on it! She was my classmate before.

Yes, she was on the TV, and Nona was do I say this. Long story short, Nona buat cover her engagement day!

My goodness it was super fckin grand. Kalau bertunang dah panggil Siti and Datuk K and ramai lagi VVIP, how her wedding will be like, heh? I am verrrry curious...

At first I did not recognize her sangat, ye lah...her hair dah panjang now (or was it wig? I dont know) and she used to have short hair like a me!!

Terus teringat hidong merah dia tu, forever hidong merah. Haha

Hawa and fiance.

And yang best, teringat time pegi Tioman skali dulu. We got cheated by the chalet operator.

Aiyo....susah nak explain how awful the room was. Can you imagine I had to sleep in a small room with 9 other people. Dengan kulit ular bergantung kat syiling, katak tepi toilet, katil patah tengah malam, and then yang paling worst bumbung bocor and hujan turun time we all tengah tido!!!

And honestly, this is the expression of my friends when we arrived at the chalet, just to know that the room is far worst than ape² tempat we all pernah stay!

And camni la we all tido on the first nite! At 2 in the am, my katil patah....and pukul 3, hujan pulak turun!!
So drama time tu. Tp still muke maintain bole sinyum². Haha....

And this was taken at around 8 am. Seth and co still tebongkang....ko tengok la tilam dia!! Rumah anak yatim pon tak macam ni!

So, on the next day my gang, Hawa and boifie and a couple of Arab guys decided to move to the other chalet located 300 m from our 'heavenly' first chalet. Luckily murah!

Aiyo......nak tergelak ade...nak hangin ade
time tu...

Anyway Hawa, just in case if you read this, pls jangan lupa ajak gwe time ko kawen nnt.

U know u love me, xoxo


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